The DiamondPlus from Mitsubishi

Excels under pressure!

The beauty of a diamond is determined by the pressure it experiences.  Likewise, you will come to appreciate the attractive features of the DiamondPlus® 1100 once you witness its operation under duress.  It possesses a relatively flat efficiency curve, so it will continue to deliver high performance, even at high load levels.  Like all Mitsubishi Electric UPSs, the DiamondPlus® 1100 delivers the highest reliability among backup power suppliers to put your mind at ease.


The DiamondPlus® 1100 Series is aptly named.   It shines when it comes to flexibility and ease of maintenance and repair.  Especially suited for server rooms and network closets, its smart design allows for future expansion vertically:  additional power modules can be added at a later date while maintaining the same footprint.  Both models (1100A, up to 50 kVA and 1100B, up to 80 kVA) feature fully digital screens and front access.  Mitsubishi has a team of field technicians readily available to perform any expansions for you.

Hot Swappable

Each power module is hot swappable, meaning that individual modules can be pulled out and worked on without taking the UPS offline.  The fully digital screens are front facing, allowing for easy monitoring and faster repair times.

It's Time to Rethink your UPS