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Just a few examples of customers that rely on Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies, peripherals, and services for the highest levels of uptime.

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Since the switch to Mitsubishi in 2001, Talbots has steadily been incorporating Mitsubishi UPSs into Talbots' operations in various locations east of the Mississippi River as needs arise.  At the current time, a Mitsubishi UPS units can be found providing back-up support at six different Talbots sites, including corporate headquarters in Hingham, MA, product development center in New York, call center in Knoxville, e-commerce datacenter in Tampa, and warehousing in Massachusetts. They chose Mitsubishi for their exceptional reliability.

Horizon Healthcare Services Inc. has been providing quality health insurance products and services to New Jersey families and businesses since 1932. The importance of working with a reputable dealer and equipment reliability are top priorities for Horizon. They have been happy with the performance of the 9900A's to date, stating that they would recommend that buyers reviewing their UPS solutions explore the 9900A. 

Ascent Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the development, engineering, construction, and operation of data centers and other mission critical facilities. A recent installation of eighteen Mitsubishi UPS units were placed in a mission critical facility located in a Chicago suburb. High marks are given to Mitsubishi for their reliability, efficiency, and service, saying "peace of mind" goes a long way. 

Data Realty Northern Indiana is a trusted provider of data center services to middle market companies, offering colocation, cloud services, and disaster recovery solutions for organizations requiring a next generation IT infrastructure.  They are impressed by the build quality of the UPS units, stating that... "the units are thoughtfully designed; placement of components is logical and deliberate. It was apparent that the design is state-of-the-art..." 

With 100,000 servers under management, Softlayer is the largest privately held Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) provider in the world with a diverse customer portfolio from web startups to global enterprises.  SoftLayer has been incorporating Mitsubishi UPSs to protect their critical data infrastructure since 2006 and now have a total of 38 of our UPSs in five of their data centers.  they would recommend Mitsubishi to any company that requires 100% uptime for critical loads.

PA One Call Systems, Inc.

PA One Call System, Inc. operates a call center that is part of the national 811 “Call Before You Dig” network. As time is of the essence, PA One Call recognized the need for the call center to always be operational and established redundant functionality by setting up two independent computer rooms and phone systems with a 60 kVA 1100B UPS ensuring uptime in each room.  Reliability was cited as the reason that Mitsubishi Electric units were chosen for the application.

Case Studies

LifeLine Data Center Solution

More Than Just Another Data Center

There is no denying that our dependence on electronics as a society becomes greater with each passing day and drives the need for data storage, and therefore, data centers, upward. Also on the rise are the number of ways that data can be compromised. One threat to data security that may not be common knowledge to the masses is that of ElectroMagnetic Pulse, or EMP.

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Coresite Customer Integrated Solution

Integrated UPS Solution

CoreSite had an aggressive set of targets as construction began on a 102,000-square-foot co-location facility in Santa Clara, California. For mission critical UPS systems, they were aiming to beat the maintenance and operating costs with systems in place at older CoreSite locations. And the new center needed to be customer-ready fast:  At the time, CoreSite's primary UPS vendor typically spent six to eight weeks processing an order, and up to eight weeks more on installation. But CoreSite needed the entire data center to be up and running 90 days after the first customer signed on.

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Viawest Data Center Installation

Quality Engineering

Thousands of companies whose survival depends on stable IT environments rely on ViaWest's 22 data centers and 13 network operations centers for rock-solid power delivery.  After decades of operating experience - and with a growing installed base of 100-plus UPS systems from five manufacturers - the operations team set a goal:  Maximize ROI, boost reliability, and increase efficiency with a single-manufacturer UPS standard for all new construction.  It would be a significant decision.  Hard evidence would be required.

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Viawest Server Rack in Cages

Sky High Customer Service

When a critical UPS made by a Mitsubishi competitor failed at one of ViaWest's data centers in Dallas, ViaWest engineers instantly huddled with the manufacturer's rep and maintenance provider.  How long would it take to send repair parts and get the UPS up and running?  ViaWest's power service level agreements with leading customers were at stake, but the manufacturer couldn't commit to a delivery date. 

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