DX IT Cooling Systems


Downtime in a data center due to inadequate cooling can be catastrophic. At Mitsubishi Electric, our purpose-built and highly efficient Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling Systems are specifically designed for cooling modular structures with IT and electrical equipment.

DX IT Cooling Systems


Downtime in a data center due to inadequate cooling can be catastrophic. At Mitsubishi Electric, our purpose-built and highly efficient Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling Systems are specifically designed for cooling modular structures with IT and electrical equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric's strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. (MEHITS) leverages the individual strengths and capabilities of both organizations, resulting in synergistic and reliable solutions in the critical areas of both power protection and data center technology cooling.


The Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling System brings together quality, history and advanced technological products of both groups to create an IT cooling solution that is highly efficient, reliable and economically-friendly.

Modular Data Center Cooling Applications


The DX Cooling System's mission critical design is a result of 50+ years of experience by Mitsubishi Electric in the telecommunication field, where systems must run 24/7. Rather than modify a comfort cooling device, the DX Cooling Systems were developed specifically for cooling modular structures containing auxiliary backup power supplies and IT equipment, frequently serving as a bolt-on to existing data centers or enterprise IT facilities.


Our first CritiCoolTM DX Cooling System model is the DX-P, fully assembled, packaged cooling solution that mounts to the wall of a container unit with up or downflow configuration options. The integral air-cooled condensers are designed for outdoor installation, making the DX-P ideal for data center container cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric's DX products are wall-mounted IT Cooling Solutions for outdoor installations.

DX Cooling System Features & Benefits


Materials used in fabrication of the single, packaged DX-P model have been selected to withstand exposure to ambient weather conditions and are compatible with outdoor air temperatures from 0°F (-18°C) to 125°F (52°C). An optional “Economizer” (or "Free Cooling") package extends functionality to -40°F (-40°C).


The DX-P cooling system's revolutionary design offers two nominal capacities (37,800 Btu/h and 64,500 Btu/h [10 kW - 20kW]) with two configurations each (upflow and downflow) and can be equipped with an on/off or inverter-based compressor for improved power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Discover the advantages of the purpose-built Mitsubishi Electric DX-P Cooling Systems below.


Smart Design

Supplied fully assembled, the DX-P model is available in two configurations: upflow and downflow (over/under). Both solutions enjoy the added value granted by the location of the "free cooling" suction away from the hot exhaust air flow (positioned on top of the unit), avoiding any recirculation of hot air.


Mitsubishi Electric's innovative downflow version capitalizes on the natural hot, warm, and cold air to provide warmer air to the evaporator and the reduce the cold air recirculation. This is a first in the U.S. market and creates higher efficiencies in heat management.


The four possible modes of operation include (1) Mechanical Cooling, (2) Mechanical & Free Cooling, (3) Free Cooling, and (4) Free Cooling & Mixing.

Advanced Cooling Technology


In a typical IT application, a Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR)* of 0.95 indicates that 95% of the energy power engaged by the compressor is used for Sensible Heat Removal, with the remaining 5% used for removing humidity.


With Mitsubishi Electric's DX Cooling Systems' Sensible Heat Ratio of up to 1.0, 100% of the energy power supplied by the compressor is used for Sensible Heat Removal. 


This is in contrast to systems designed for comfort cooling that work to reduce air temperature and remove humidity in the environment. An electrical/IT environment has minimal need for dehumidification, so employing a comfort cooling system creates an inefficient use of energy and increases your TCO. With a data center cooling system designed for technology applications, you're deploying a more energy- and cost-efficient solution.

High Efficiency IT Cooling

The combination of these advanced technologies and smart designs delivers a highly efficient IT Cooling Solution. With an SHR of 1.0, and an equivalent footprint when compared to lower SHR competitors, Mitsubishi Electric's DX models earn the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in the U.S. market.


The high Sensible Cooling Capacity of our DX Cooling Systems can reduce the number of units necessary to contrast the heat load generated in an electrical environment. Requiring less units not only lowers your capital expenditures, but also lowers energy consumption. These realized efficiencies will lower your operating expenses and meet increasing eco-friendly industry guidelines.

Easy Install & Maintenance

With full frontal accessibility, Mitsubishi Electric's DX-P models are built to ease the inspection and maintenance processes. They come fully assembled for easy installation, and the limited parts list and remote alarm capabilities reduce the need for constant management and monitoring of the system. When you need a reliable IT Cooling Solution that requires minimal upkeep - ideal for remote installs - trust the critical power experts at Mitsubishi Electric.

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*SHR = Sensible Cooling Capacity / Total Cooling Capacity


  • Total Cooling Capacity measures the energy supplied by the compressor and is calculated as the Sensible Cooling Capacity + Latent Capacity
    • Sensible Cooling Capacity measures the energy supplied for controlling/reducing the air temperature
    • Latent Cooling Capacity measures the energy supplied for removing humidity from the air moisture