Mitsubishi Electric delivers valuable critical power solutions that address the distinct challenges across a variety of market segments

Cloud Computing Servers with Sky

Cloud Computing

As cloud solutions proliferate, cloud computing providers need to rapidly bring online large amounts of power to serve more enterprises and to provide customers the highest level of uptime. Hyperscale cloud computing providers deeply understand that inefficient uninterruptible power supplies can adversely impact operating costs even when running at 25-50% of full load.  Click below for more information on the high capacity Uninterruptible Power Supplies from Mitsubishi Electric that the highest profile cloud providers with the most demanding requirements use to avoid the consequences of downtime, prevent implementation delays, and minimize wasted power consumption. 

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Servers in a Colocation Facility


Uninterrupted uptime is a cornerstone to the IT services that colocation data centers provide. As inventories of space are leased, colocations need to quickly implement highly reliable and cost effective IT infrastructure including mission critical power systems. To ensure that uptime service level agreements are fulfilled, that services can be competitively priced, and that more floor space can be allocated to revenue generation, colocations choose Uninterruptible Power Supplies that have the highest reliability, are ultra efficient, and provide maximum power density.  Colocations choose Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

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Stock Exchange

Finance & Insurance

Massive volumes of transactions need to be processed securely, accurately, and consistently. As downtime for these businesses is costlier than other segments, finance and insurance businesses ensure that their critical power infrastructures are the gold standards of reliability by implementing Uninterruptible Power Supplies that consistently perform even when subjected to regular power interruptions and poor power quality. Click below for information on the Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies leading financial service and insurance providers use to minimize their risk of incurring prohibitively costly downtime.  

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Display and Networks

Content Providers & Networks

Content providers and networks know that unavailable or unreliable content and services lead to low customer satisfaction and customer retention.  The Uninterruptible Power Supplies for communications and IT equipment need to perform safely, unfailingly, and be supported by a responsive and knowledgeable OEM Service team with direct access to design and application engineers. Content providers & networks choose Mitsubishi Electric to ensure that video, audio, voice, and data content is perpetually accessible and reliably delivered by broadcast television, cable, telecommunication, and over-the-top services of the highest quality. 

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Manufacturing and Industrial Process

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturers may have critical power needs beyond essential facilities or traditional IT operations. They increasingly realize the potential of IoT for improving operations and increasing efficiency through smart manufacturing and real-time analytics.  However, power outages, transients, harmonics, and voltage variations can cause expensive processes to be aborted or adversely affect the operation of precision manufacturing equipment resulting in lost labor, rework, scrap, and equipment damage.  Click below for more information on Mitsubishi Electric UPSs that profitable manufacturers use to ensure revenue generating operations are performed without interruption and to minimize costs from poor power.

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Medical and Healthcare

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare providers deploy highly reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies in their critical power infrastructure so that critical care is dependably provided and expensive procedures are successfully performed without interruption. Compliance with regulatory requirements such as incoming power quality and seismic specifications mean that sophisticated power conditioning and high quality materials and construction are also essential UPS attributes. Healthcare providers reliably and accurately perform procedures, avoid patient rescheduling, and lower their maintenance costs by integrating their medical equipment with dedicated device or centralized Uninterruptible Power Supplies from Mitsubishi Electric.

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Retail and Distrbution


Online or within brick and mortar stores, retailers need to ensure that their IT infrastructure can securely, accurately, and continuously conduct an extremely high volume of financial, inventory, and logistical transactions.  Retailers choose highly reliable and easy to use Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies supported by our highly capable Service team. Mitsubishi Electric Service ensures smooth startups and dependably performs preventive maintenance and repair so that retailers can focus on their running their business - whether it be a single or multiple locations.  Retailers that choose Mitsubishi Electric have "Uninterrupted Peace of Mind" when it comes to protecting their businesses against power disturbances.

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Transportation safety, law enforcement, emergency management, military, communications, and water are just a few of the government functions required for public security and a well functioning economy. To ensure that critical government services can be always provided on demand and without interruption, agencies and departments select Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and service to provide the most reliable protection against all types of common power problems including transients, sags, swells, waveform distortions, voltage fluctuations, and frequency variations that occur in the commercial grid due to extreme weather, equipment failures, traffic accidents and major switching operations.

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