UPS for Data Centers

Protecting and securing customer data 24/7/365

Ensure your data center power supply is uninterrupted and your facility is protected from downtime

Uninterruptible power supply systems are a core component of mission-critical data center infrastructures. At Mitsubishi Electric, we understand the risks associated with downtime in data centers – both to your finances and your reputation. Our UPS systems exquisitely integrate into data centers to provide consistent, efficient power, even if your primary supply goes down.

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Meet the demand for 24/7 power with reliable power backup

As technology advances, so does the demand for power that is always on. While there have been great advancements in the power grid, there are still vulnerabilities that allow for outages and fluctuations in flow. As more users rely on higher levels of uptime, increased power will be needed to serve them, and a data center power backup supply needs to be responsive, powerful, scalable, and energy- and cost-efficient.  Any fluctuation in performance can have a large impact on a data center provider, which is why we’ve created efficient, scalable UPS systems for data centers designed to deliver power seamlessly during a loss of power.

Scalable UPS for server rooms, network closets, and control rooms

Our smaller, lighter and modular UPS designs make it easier for you to find space for your server’s battery backup – plus you can add or remove modules to support changing power requirements. Uninterrupted uptime is a cornerstone of the IT service offerings provided by data centers, and you need to have data center backup power that can grow and adjust quickly to ensure uptime agreements and avoid wasted consumption as you increase your server load. Our UPSs are easy to install and can support increased load demands so you can grow your power backup alongside your business.

Efficient and reliable UPS systems for data centers

A UPS with even 1% more efficiency can have a profound effect on power consumption and utility costs for a data center over the lifetime of the system. Our UPSs are easy to install and provide a higher power output in a smaller footprint, so you can allocate the majority of your floorspace to server equipment.  Their consistently flat efficiency curves deliver power more economically, regardless of the load, reducing operating costs.

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Find the right match to support the 24/7 uptime demands of your customers. There are few UPS systems for data centers that can supply up to 97% efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric’s data center power supply products, including the 9900CX UPS and the 9900D UPS, are among them. The SUMMIT series, our most energy-efficient UPS, exceeds this mark. Contact us to learn more about our products, service and support and the ways we can help ensure your power stays constant no matter when or how often your customers are streaming videos, online shopping late at night, running GPS applications or backing up files.