UPS Battery Maintenance & Service

Explore Mitsubishi Electric's UPS battery maintenance services and learn more about best practices when it comes to UPS battery care, monitoring, and replacements.

UPS Battery Maintenance & Service

Explore Mitsubishi Electric's UPS battery maintenance services and learn more about best practices when it comes to UPS battery care, monitoring, and replacements.

Providing You With Total UPS Battery Care

Mitsubishi Electric’s extensive network of factory-trained, certified service technicians are readily available to provide customers with reliable and regularly scheduled on-site UPS battery services.


Uninterruptible power supply maintenance is crucial to the performance of your system – and that extends to the batteries as well. Not only do we support you in maintaining your current battery backup system, but we can assist you through your next upgrade ahead of your batteries’ end of life phase. 

UPS Battery Maintenance

Proper UPS battery maintenance cycles and environmental conditions must be observed for your battery warranty to be valid. UPS battery services from Mitsubishi Electric include complete battery maintenance programs that have been approved by each battery manufacturer to meet their warranty standards. All UPS battery services are conducted in strict adherence to IEEE guidelines – including complete battery removal. 


Our UPS battery maintenance programs include state-of-the-art test equipment, propriety reporting software and documentation, and streamlined warranty claim procedures to replace failed batteries quickly. Mitsubishi Electric technicians are trained to provide maintenance on VRLA, VLA (wet cell), Pure Lead, flywheel, and lithium-ion batteries, so our staff can confidently work with any battery make or model. UPS battery services by Mitsubishi Electric authorized technicians can be performed during normal, off-hours, weekends and holidays. 

Annual Battery Maintenance

It’s important to schedule annual service to ensure your batteries are running smoothly and reduce your need for replacement parts. Mitsubishi Electric offers total UPS battery care, including annual inspections, which may include:

  • Measurement of the battery system’s ambient temperature and the individual battery’s temperature at the negative post.
  • Measurement of battery system float voltage and charge current, open circuit voltage, ground fault.
  • Measurement of individual battery unit strap resistance, unit impedance, conductance or load capacity.
  • Inspection of the battery cabinet and individual battery units for signs of leakage, dirt or damage.
  • Environmental inspection to eliminate anything that might interfere with battery operation.

Quarterly/Semi-Annual Battery Maintenance

While annual service is the suggested minimum, we recommend our technicians come out and perform battery maintenance at least twice a year to ensure your system will back up power in the event of loss or fluctuation.


There may also be value in quarterly inspections, especially as your batteries age. Quarterly/semi-annual preventive battery maintenance includes:

  • Visual inspection of battery storage and individual battery units for contamination and damage, including leaks, overheating, terminal integrity and corrosion, bulging and more.
  • Measurement of ambient and individual battery temperature, float voltage and current charge, and individual battery unit impedance, conductance and load capacity - scaled-down from annual testing.

UPS Battery Monitoring

UPS battery monitoring ensures continuous, real-time information on the status and performance of your batteries. By actively trending the health of your batteries real time, active alarms and trigger points can be established to notify you of existing or potential failure trends.


Proper UPS battery monitoring may alert you to reduced or non-existing battery support of your critical load during input power interruption and can save you from a critical load loss.


Trending data will also provide insights that will be valuable when planning for future capital expenditures, such as replacements and reducing unseen expenditures. Integration of these battery monitoring systems into your Building Management System is also highly recommended.


Mitsubishi Electric offers various monitoring solutions, including systems that monitor individual batteries and those that monitor characteristics of the cabinet. Our experienced team members are here to help determine which UPS battery monitoring system would be best for your installation.


Note: our lithium ion battery cabinets come with an integrated BMS. Explore what this means for increased safety.


Battery Replacement Services

Wondering when to replace your UPS battery? No matter how well you care for your batteries, it will eventually reach the end of its lifecycle. The following UPS battery options have the below expected lifespans:



3-5 years

VLA (Wet Cell) & 20-Year VRLA

up to 15 years

Pure Lead

up to 7 years



15-25 years


When your batteries reach their end of life, Mitsubishi Electric is readily available to offer complete UPS battery replacement services on existing systems. Our UPS battery services are fully turnkey with delivery, installation, and removal of the old batteries to be disposed in certified recycling centers.


Depending on the battery type or manufacturer, there are cost differences, varying length of warranties, multiple available runtimes, and different resistances to environmental factors. Choosing the right UPS battery takes careful evaluation, and Mitsubishi Electric is here to help determine which replacement battery is right for you. We also pay close attention to systems with UPS battery monitoring services and carefully remove and re-install each monitoring device.


UPS Battery Maintenance Success Stories

Supporting a Local Data Center

DataBank only had one week to complete critical battery maintenance. Despite such an urgent service being outside their current service agreement, Mitsubishi Electric acted quickly.


"Having a relationship like that with Mitsubishi...and [knowing that] they're going to react to your needs... we're appreciative of that."

Service First

The facility team noticed a funny smell emitting from their batteries, and they realized the worst had happened: their batteries had gone into thermal runaway. 


"[I am a] fan of Mitsubishi and CPT because I know they have my back and give accurate [and] trusted free advice."

First Line of Defense

When a competitor didn't offer a service contract conducive to their needs, this facility team decided to forego a contract, leaving them completely unaware that their UPS batteries were dead until they experienced a major power outage.


"[They] keep our sanity and have met every unrealistic schedule... We need a partner like that."

Investing in UPS System Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is critical for truly uninterrupted operation.


Especially for VRLA batteries without a battery monitoring system (BMS), consistent checks on these UPS batteries is crucial given their risk of thermal runaway and shorter performance life. Many of the factors contributing to thermal runaway and monitoring overall performance are measured and inspected during these maintenance checks.

EverPowerTM Service Contract Plans


Keep up with battery maintenance by selecting an EverPowerTM Service Contract Plan for a wide range of benefits and services delivered by our knowledgeable technicians! We will ensure your battery replacements stay on schedule and your backup power system is operating at optimal levels.


Gold, Silver, and Bronze level contracts are available, each offering exclusive advantages, such as discounts on parts and priority response times. Explore our offerings below or dive into some helpful resources about the importance of preventive maintenance and how it facilitates a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.


Battery Upgrades

We're Lithium ReadyTM. Are You?


Lithium-ion is the increasingly popular and advantageous alternative UPS battery solution to traditional lead acid models.


The mission critical industry is moving towards lithium-ion batteries for many reasons that support a lower TCO, such as reduced maintenance and longer operating life.


Explore Lead Acid vs Lithium-Ion or Mitsubishi Electric's offerings.

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