Cloud Computing & Colocation

Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies help our customers in the cloud computing and colocation (colo) sectors deliver continuous uptime for their users. As remote work becomes more prevalent, reliable power is essential if companies want to retain and gain market share.

Cloud Computing & Colocation

Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies help our customers in the cloud computing and colocation (colo) sectors deliver continuous uptime for their users. As remote work becomes more prevalent, reliable power is essential if companies want to retain and gain market share.

Infrastructure Requirements Remain Relevant Even as Data Shifts to the Cloud

As the competitive climate of cloud solutions proliferates, cloud computing providers quickly realize that inadequate or underperforming equipment in their infrastructure will cost them dearly in terms of profit.

Even as data storage and processing shifts to the cloud, the tangible components of cloud and colo systems must be able to reliably function and maintain uptime. Cloud computing, colocation and data center (and edge data center) owners aspire to provide the highest level of performance and uptime to their customers – and they expect their backup power equipment to do the same.

Trust Mitsubishi Electric to understand the requirements of cloud and colocation businesses.

Demand for Greater External Data Processing Increases Cloud & Colo Power Requirements

The current business climate and the elevated need for external data processing has increased the pressure on data centers to perform at unprecedented levels.

The need for off-site number crunching is at an all-time high - as are the options available to an enterprise. Therefore, it is in the best interests of a cloud or colo data center to optimize its functions to maximize its profits. Businesses in this sector with Mitsubishi Electric backup power, battery and IT Cooling capabilities increase their reliability and competitive advantage for new business.


Suggested Products for Cloud Computing & Colo Applications


High-profile cloud network providers require a high-capacity uninterruptible power supply. Mitsubishi Electric UPS deliver solutions for the most demanding requirements. With our efficient, reliable backup power systems and batteries, you’ll be able to avoid the consequences of downtime, prevent implementation delays, and minimize wasted power consumption.

Find the right UPS for your power requirements


Three Phase UPS with the power to support large-scale cloud computing operations:


9900D UPS

480V / 1200, 1250, 1500, 1600, & 2000 kVA



Three Phase UPS with the efficiency to optimize colocation operations:


9900CX UPS

480V / 1MW (1050 kVA)


9900B UPS

480V / 300, 500, & 750 kVA



Three Phase UPS for smaller cloud instances (on premises) and edge data centers:


DiamondPlus® 1100A & 1100B UPS

*UL-924 Listed

120/208V / 10 to 80 kVA

Mitsubishi Electric Delivers Uninterruptible Uptime to Cloud Computing & Colo Companies

Uninterrupted uptime is a cornerstone to the IT services that data centers provide. As inventories of space are leased, cloud and colo data centers alike need to quickly implement highly reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure including mission critical power systems. To ensure that uptime service level agreements are fulfilled, that services can be competitively priced, and that more floor space can be allocated to revenue generation, data centers choose uninterruptible power supplies that have -


Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies deliver the highest reliability.

the highest reliability; 


Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies are ultra-efficient.



Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies achieve maximum power density.

and maximum power density

Cloud Computing & Colo Success Stories

Whether constructing a new, state-of-the-art data center, or retrofitting backup power in your colo hub, we can help you find the right solution.



Sustainability is a heavily discussed topic with increasing expectations on data centers. See how UScellular's Chicago data center tremendously lowered costs and secured government rebates.


DataBank only had one week to complete critical battery maintenance. Despite such an urgent service being outside their current service agreement, Mitsubishi Electric acted quickly.


DC BLOX set a goal to build one of the most technologically advanced regional edge data centers, prioritizing efficiency, security, and reliability. To accomplish this, they chose...


With a mission to lower PUE, Element Critical chose Mitsubishi Electric's 9900B 750kVA UPS for their expansion project at their Chicago One location and a retrofit at Silicon Valley.


The 9900C UPS from Mitsubishi Electric delivered Sabey the power they needed and the energy efficiency they desired.



When a competitor’s UPS failed catastrophically while going into bypass mode, Lifeline reached out to Mitsubishi Electric to provide a replacement and has not had an outage since.


ViaWest wanted to standardize operations with a single UPS manufacturer for all new construction. After a comprehensive review of the market, they chose Mitsubishi Electric. 


Speed matters in cloud computing and colo. That's why CoreSite trusted Mitsubishi Electric to install a true double conversion system in under 90 days.


Trust Our Cloud Computing & Colo Client Successes

“ Mitsubishi Electric offers an exceptional balance of technical sophistication and value for what you get. ”

- John Dumler, Vice President, Data Center Design & Engineering at DC BLOX

“ ...the heart of the data center – the UPS does everything – it’s got all the brains, all the smarts. When it’s not working, neither are your customers. It’s critical to have a nimble, but flexible solid engineering company working with us. We’re riding your coattails on the innovation that you have in the marketplace... ”

- Cameron Wynne, Chief Data Center Officer at Element Critical

“ We use Mitsubishi on multiple campuses, and Mitsubishi's reliability is important to Sabey. The Mitsubishi UPS have been extremely reliable since installation, and Mitsubishi stands behind their equipment. We appreciate the level of service [from Mitsubishi] ”

- John Sasser, SVP Data Center Operations, Sabey Data Centers

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