Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Critical backup power solutions with unrivaled reliability and superior efficiency to ensure your business doesn't go dark.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Critical backup power solutions with unrivaled reliability and superior efficiency to ensure your business doesn't go dark.

Safeguard Against the Rising Cost of Downtime 

According to Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey 2022*, more than two-thirds of all outages cost over $100k; about 25% cost over $1 million. The harsh reality is that downtime in your business can be catastrophic.


The longer you’re down, the higher the cost. A reliable backup power supply is essential. That's where our EverPowerTM product line comes in.


Because failure is simply not an option when your mission is critical, at Mitsubishi Electric, we deliver highly reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supplies, battery backups, and other peripheral equipment.


We back our uninterruptible power solutions with a team of knowledgeable engineers and responsive services for ultimate critical infrastructure protection.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Industry-leading reliability from 6-2000kVA


At 99.9995%, Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies achieve the highest equipment reliability among all UPS suppliers, ensuring you - and your customers - are protected against downtime 24/7/365.


Where most competitors estimate their equipment's reliability, Mitsubishi Electric calculates it as the percentage of time our backup power systems have sustained their load carrying capacity. 


When the biggest cause of outages is uninterruptible power supply failure1, fully-vetted, reliable backup power is a pretty big deal. Whether you need a high-quality three phase UPS for your hyperscale data center or a small single phase system for your network, the EverPowerTM line of critical power solutions delivers unrivaled reliability and efficiency.


“ It’s extremely robust and, quite frankly, I have a lot less people coming to my site operating and maintaining them as opposed to other vendors’ equipment. ”

- Cameron Wynne, Chief Data Center Officer at Element Critical

Three Phase UPS Products

Mitsubishi Electric’s high-quality three phase UPS span a wide range of power outputs to deliver efficiency and reliability at the level you need.

Single Phase UPS

An ideal UPS to protect small networks, communications systems, and security systems, Mitsubishi Electric's 7011B is simple to startup, operate, and maintain.

UPS Testing

As a prerequisite for success, every UPS power supply from Mitsubishi Electric is tested and furnished with a signed factory test report prior to shipment. We encourage our backup power customers to view real-time data and results via a product demonstration or a factory witness test of their purchased system - a great opportunity to simulate on-site needs. With more than 7,000 hours logged in our testing facility since 2016 alone, we value the importance of thorough testing and evaluation to ensure the highest quality.


“ It was really cool to be able to prop open the doors and see the inside and be given an explanation of what all the parts and pieces were and how they worked ”

- Jonathan Markum, Logistics Project Engineer

EverPowerTM Resources

Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®

The longer you're down, the higher the cost - and that cost is exponentially rising. Explore outage frequency, duration, and costs figures.

The Basics of Sizing a UPS

When sizing a UPS, all you need to know is your total load and battery runtime, right? In the simplest of terms, yes. But, you need to consider...

More Than Just Backup Power

There are many power quality events a UPS can correct - especially when using an online double conversion UPS. Our 9900 Series UPS can even run in "power conditioning" mode...

Should You Repair, Replace, or Upgrade Your UPS?

Did you know a UPS typically has a 15-year design life? When a UPS is nearing end of life, there are...

Batteries & DC Power Solutions

Lithium Ion, VRLA, VLA, & Pure Lead

For mission critical applications, having a reliable battery system to backup your UPS power supply is essential to supporting your critical load during a power quality event.


At Mitsubishi Electric, we offer a full range of backup power solutions from newer battery technologies like lithium ion to traditional options like Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and Vented Lead Acid (VLA) wet cell batteries. We work with the most major suppliers - and the list of available manufacturers grows every day.

Peripheral Equipment

Paralleling Gear, Maintenance Bypasses, & Multi-Purpose Cabinets


To complete our EverPowerTM product line, Mitsubishi Electric designs, builds, and sources peripheral equipment designed to work flawlessly with our uninterruptible power supply systems. Beyond UPS battery backups and DC technologies, our locally-fabricated peripheral equipment can be combined to build any backup power system and turn it into a complete solution.


In addition to our in-house design engineering team, we work with the most well-known vendors in the industry, while remaining vendor agnostic for ultimate flexibility to deliver a custom solution that best meets your critical needs.

Services & Support

Dependable Field & Factory Services

We don’t cut corners and we don’t settle for less; we back our EverPowerTM product line with a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals that support you from planning and design to maintenance and technical support.

“ Your start up team and product have been superb through the installation, warranty, service, Product Mangers: the team did a really good job. ”

- Doug Hollenbaugh, Sr. Manager, Real Estate Facilities Operations at Lumen


With 24/7 UPS technical support and more than 200 highly skilled field service technicians across North America, Mitsubishi Electric is a partner you can rely on throughout your journey to achieve maximum uptime.

Achieve Maximum Uptime

Turn your backup power system into a complete and highly reliable solution with peripherals and services from Mitsubishi Electric.

*Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®

1Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey 2022