Options & Parts

Options & Parts

Communication Options

The UPS module needs to be able to communicate out to wide variety of Building Management Systems (BMS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.


The information has to be transmitted in a language that is commonly accepted and easily configured.


The industry has not yet settled on one exact language so your UPS needs to be able to communicate in several.

Pre-engineered Interconnections

Pre-engineered cables and interconnection components can greatly reduce onsite installation time.


3D modeling of the UPS and peripheral components ensure accuracy in site installation distances and routing. The cable runs can then be predetermined and cable kits can be created to meet exact lengths eliminating onsite waste and rework.


Mitsubishi Electric also offers the capability of using insulated flexible bus bar to minimize the interconnection space, giving installing contractors more space for their connections, saving them time and money. Mitsubishi Electric 's design capabilities and expertise deliver custom interconnection of your UPS equipment. 

Spare Parts Kits

Mitsubishi Electric offers a full line of spare parts kits for each UPS model to ensure that you have what you need when you need it.


These kits come in three different kit ranges: A, B, and C.

A kit

Provides spare fuses that can easily be replace after a fault 

B kit

A kit + additional commonly replaced parts, such as contactors and switching devices like thyristors and IGBTs

C kit

A kit and B kit + fans and all the UPS control boards. The C kit is the most inclusive of all possible components that a customer could possibly need at their site.