UPS Support

With Mitsubishi Electric's comprehensive UPS support, we can help you identify the right critical power solution for your business, walk you through uninterruptible power supply training for daily operation, and provide 24/7 UPS technical support.

UPS Support

With Mitsubishi Electric's comprehensive UPS support, we can help you identify the right critical power solution for your business, walk you through uninterruptible power supply training for daily operation, and provide 24/7 UPS technical support.

First-Class UPS Support from the Start


When you engage with Mitsubishi Electric for your uninterruptible power supply system, you work with Project Managers, Engineers, and Technicians who understand the mission critical needs of your business - from UPS planning through repairs and replacement. We’re with you every step of the way so you have the equipment and support you need to maintain power and reduce downtime so you can focus on running your company.



UPS Planning & Project Management


UPS Safety Training


24/7 UPS Technical Support

UPS Planning & Project Management

Mitsubishi Electric delivers customized backup power solutions to suit your specific business needs.


Our team is comprised of dedicated Project Application Engineers and Project Managers who plan, manage, and support your critical power projects. UPS planning involves multiple steps that call for meticulous evaluation and expertise. 


We're with you from the initial UPS planning and design stage and will help manage your project timeline.

From there, our Service team will support the installation, startup and maintenance. Our Project Application Engineers and Project Managers are intimately involved in the different requirements of your business are available to:



Review product specifications and your individual needs.

Our team reviews your business’ application needs and assesses the best path forward with honesty and transparency.



Recommend the equipment that will deliver the most reliable critical power performance.

After evaluating your business’ critical power needs and priorities, our UPS planning team will confidently recommend a highly reliable backup power solution.



Develop a customized solution to meet your needs. 

Our solution-oriented team is here to collaborate and design a full backup power solution to deliver unparalleled reliability.



Answer design and equipment specific questions

Choosing the right equipment is not always easy and often requires significant planning and evaluation. Our team of knowledgeable Project Application Engineers is here as a resource for guidance and UPS support as you navigate the design stage.



Verify the proposed equipment meets the scope of the project.

Your critical infrastructure is as unique as your business. Trust us to reliably and responsibly verify whether the chosen equipment can perform, if not exceed, the project expectations.



Present proposed solutions to end users.

This also includes the submittal package for customer approval and product-level expertise to ensure the desired outcome is met.


Manage the project timeline.

There are multiple steps in securing the right UPS solution for your business. Our team is here to manage the timeline of product availability, customer need date, submittal and drawing completion, and delivery.


Want to discuss an upcoming project? We’re here to help you with all stages of UPS planning and design. 

UPS Training

We also provide uninterruptible power supply operation training for end users: First Responder Training geared toward day-to-day UPS operation.


Training your team on how the system operates under various conditions enables them to recognize changes and acknowledge the need for proactive service.


UPS training can be performed at your site, online, or within Mitsubishi Electric's Factory and Test Labs in Warrendale, PA. Standard UPS training programs for each model are available, or we can develop a custom program to meet specific needs.

24/7 UPS Technical Support

Please call 800-887-7830 and select option #1.


Your business runs around the clock, and so does Mitsubishi Electric. With 24/7 UPS technical support*, including weekends and holidays, our team is dedicated to protecting your investments no matter what day or time.


From consultation on UPS and associated equipment operation to emergency repairs, we can be there over the phone or in person to reduce downtime and support your critical power needs.

Since 2019, the percentage of outages costing more than $1M has more than doubled. According to Uptime Intelligence, several outages in 2022 had cost more than $150M!1 With factory-trained technicians positioned throughout the Americas, rapid response times can significantly reduce downtime and loss of revenue. In addition, we have service contracts that include benefits like prioritized response times and routine maintenance to reduce the overall need for emergency service and support.


Highly skilled UPS Technical Support Specialists and Engineers are available to troubleshoot by phone, and if necessary, can initiate the dispatch of a certified technician to your site.


1Annual Outage Analysis 2023, Uptime Institute

*On the rare occasion that your call is not answered immediately, please leave a detailed message. This will ensure that our technical support team will be made aware of your request(s) and can respond in the timeliest manner possible.


Additional UPS Support Services

Our stellar customer support is only one part of the equation. From maintenance to battery replacement to UPS upgrades, we offer the services you need to ensure your business doesn't go dark. Learn more about the various support services.