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Choose the Right Battery Backup System

Mitsubishi Electric offers several energy storage options for our UPS systems.  Identifying the correct battery or backup power supply for your UPS is paramount to supporting your critical load during a power quality event. Optimal battery backup systems prevent downtime over an extended lifetime with minimal footprint – but they should also be customized to your needs. For instance, flywheel UPS may be ideal for medical applications as they do not require the lead acid batteries restricted in those environments.


As you consider runtime for your backup battery, upfront costs, maintenance costs and total cost of ownership, Mitsubishi Electric can help. We understand making this choice is challenging. With our years of experience and multiple storage solution offerings, we can help you determine the power and performance you need from your battery backup system. Review our UPS battery solutions below to learn more and find the fit your critical application needs.

1100A UPS Battery Cabinet

Lead Acid UPS Batteries

Mitsubishi Electric offers a full range of battery and DC power storage solutions from top vendors,  allowing us the flexibility to meet our customers' requirements for battery backup power supply.

  • Valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) UPS battery offerings in cabinets, racks, or stackable configurations
  • Vented lead-acid (VLA) flooded cell UPS batteries
  • Pure lead VRLA DC Power 
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Lithium-ion UPS batteries

Lithium Ion UPS Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries (LiB) are quickly becoming the preferred energy storage solution due to their long life and small footprint. They offer the advantages of the extremely energy dense lithium ion chemistry with superior control and monitoring.  LiB provides five times the capacity of lead acid batteries in 40%-60% of the floor space with significantly less weight.  Although the initial cost of the LiB system is higher than a traditional VRLA system, the 15 to 20 year life span provides a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the battery backup system. 

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Vycon Flywheel UPS Energy Storage System


Flywheel UPSs are kinetic energy storage systems that offer a reliable and robust alternative to traditional lead-acid based battery backup systems for applications with a shorter runtime requirement or where lead-acid batteries are a concern. They offer a high-power density in a small footprint while reducing the cooling requirements needed for a traditional battery backup power supply. With low maintenance, low life cycle cost, no periodic replacement, and no hazardous materials, flywheel-based storage systems provide an environmentally friendly solution to backup power. Flywheel systems can be paired with a UPS as a single unit, or paralleled together for 30-40 seconds of backup power.

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Cellwatch UPS Battery Monitoring DCMs

Battery Monitoring

Battery failure is the leading cause of UPS load loss during a power outage so monitoring and maintaining your batteries is key to making sure your critical load is supported. Through the use of battery monitoring systems, you can proactively check the health of your battery system instead of merely reacting when a problem occurs. This will not only reduce maintenance costs and unplanned outages, but also increase maintenance efficiency and battery life while providing the ability to better manage replacement planning. Mitsubishi Electric’s experts can partner with you to choose the battery monitoring system that provides you the data and peace of mind to know that your batteries will be available when they are needed the most.

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One of Mitsubishi Electric's most popular services is battery replacements & upgrades

Battery Replacements & Upgrades

Batteries are a vital component of any UPS and maintaining a healthy string is a necessary step towards protecting your critical load. Considered the last line of defense against expensive downtime, a working set of batteries allows your equipment to operate uninterrupted in the face of potentially devastating outages. As the leading cause of UPS failure, they are also highly vulnerable when not managed properly.  Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of battery maintenance, monitoring and replacement services that keep your batteries fully charged and your UPS fully operational. All services are conducted in strict adherence to IEEE guidelines – including complete battery removal and recycling. Mitsubishi Electric has the experience to work with any battery make or model, and even services flywheels. From large scale change outs to single string or individual battery replacements, Mitsubishi Electric is your DC power partner.

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