UPS Battery & DC Power Solutions 

UPS Battery & DC Power Solutions 

Choose the Right UPS Battery Backup System


Mitsubishi Electric offers several battery and energy storage options for your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems.


Identifying the correct uninterruptible backup power supply battery is paramount to supporting your critical load during a power quality interruption event. Optimal battery backup systems should be tailored to the specific use case of your business: custom-sized to meet your operating needs and financial goals.


To select the right UPS battery backup system for your critical power requirements, you must consider:


Upfront costs


Total cost of ownership

We understand making this choice is challenging. Our Project Application Engineering Team members are available to assist you in determining the power and performance you need from your battery backup system. Review our uninterruptible power supply batteries below to learn more and pick the best solution for your critical power system.


Lithium-Ion UPS Batteries

Lithium-Ion UPS batteries (LiB) have a long operational design life, small footprint, reduced maintenance and integrated battery management system (BMS).


Lithium-ion battery backup systems offer the advantages of enhanced energy-dense lithium-ion chemistry with superior control and monitoring. With a 15-to-20-year lifespan, lithium-ion battery backup solutions facilitate a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the UPS battery backup system and require significantly less floor space and weight than many other DC solutions. 


Lead Acid UPS Batteries

Mitsubishi Electric also offers a full range of VRLA, VLA, and Pure Lead UPS battery backup options from top vendors, allowing you to meet the flexible needs or project requirements for your battery backup systems.


Pure Lead UPS batteries offer safe and traditional power dense solutions with design lives ranging from 10-12 years. Advancements in Pure Lead technology include cutting-edge electrolyte catalysts, advanced patented grid designs, and new paste chemistries.

UPS Battery Monitoring Systems Prevent Failure

Battery failure is a common cause of UPS load loss during a power outage, so monitoring and maintaining your UPS batteries is key to making sure your critical load is supported. With a monitoring system, you can proactively check the health of your UPS battery backup system instead of merely reacting when a problem occurs.


If you're choosing lead acid UPS batteries, which are prone to thermal runaway, a battery monitoring system is essential when purchasing your batteries. Deploying a BMS will not only reduce maintenance costs and unplanned outages, but also increase efficiency and battery life, while providing the ability to better manage replacement planning.


UPS Battery Services

There comes a time to upgrade, replace or retrofit UPS batteries to ensure your UPS battery backup system performing optimally. Mitsubishi Electric offers services and support for battery backup systems to make sure your critical load is supported. Whether you need a replacement for a lead acid battery, lithium-ion battery or a new UPS battery storage option, our experts can help.


Mitsubishi Electric's experts can guide you in your choice of a BMS that will provide the data and peace of mind to know that your UPS battery backup system will be available when they are needed the most.

With lead acid VRLA UPS batteries, replacements can be required as frequently as every 3-5 years.

When you upgrade your UPS system, it may be a good time to replace, retrofit, or upgrade your UPS battery storage as well. Check out our cabinet retrofits and replacements to find the right option to maintain uptime.

Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®

The battery backup power supply you choose to power your UPS is vital to system performance and runtime. Whether it’s time to replace your current UPS batteries or you’re looking for a more energy-efficient solution – Mitsubishi Electric can help assess efficiency and sizing to recommend the ideal battery backup system.