Double Online Conversion UPS Technology

Explaining the benefits of online double conversion technology.

Double Online Conversion UPS Technology

Explaining the benefits of online double conversion technology.

Achieve a cleaner, more consistent signal
with double conversion UPS


Double conversion UPS modules provide uninterrupted power to critical loads. They do this by filtering and converting incoming utility power to DC power, then converting the DC power to a perfect AC output from the inverter.


The inverter is also supported by a DC source that may include batteries. Through this process, a true double-online conversion UPS protects the critical load from any transient or voltage anomaly including surges, sags, swells and line drops.


Line Interactive vs Online Double Conversion

UPS Efficiency


A line interactive UPS will monitor the incoming voltage and either increase or decrease the output voltage using some form of voltage regulating transformer. This provides the load with a minimal form of regulated power but does not protect against any frequency variation, high noise, or harmonics.


Once the input voltage goes outside the range of regulation or the frequency goes outside a set range the UPS will switch to battery operation. Depending on how advanced the line interactive UPS is it could either output a simulated sine wave (square wave) or an actual since wave output.


The structure of a line-interactive vs true online double conversion UPS leaves your site vulnerable to voltage transients and harmonic issues, and only provides a less than 0.3% efficiency gain over a double conversion Silicon Carbide-based UPS module.


The line-interactive UPS also tends to call upon the batteries more frequently than double conversion UPS modules, shortening the battery life and leading to costly battery change outs. If reliability is key, then double conversion is the best choice for critical loads.

Benefits of Double Online Conversion in
Critical Power Applications


In a true online double-conversion UPS, the inverter is always on, supplying a clean, reliable power supply essential to industries requiring uninterrupted uptime. 


Whether you operate a data center, hospital, communications network, manufacturing facility, or just rely heavily on access to the grid, a double conversion UPS will provide clean, uniform power to your equipment.


With the double conversion process smoothing out raw power fluctuations from brownouts, line noise, voltage transients and power outages, you’ll be less susceptible to downtime events that could cost millions. 


Ensure True 24/7 protection with Mitsubishi Electric SUMMIT Series® UPS


Online double conversion UPS systems are the preferred topology for mission critical applications because they lower the risk of electrical load loss. Their reliability and efficiency as well as increased Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) increase their ROI. The SUMMIT Series® from Mitsubishi Electric is the most efficient double-online conversion UPS on the market. When power fails, the SUMMIT Series® converts and conditions the supply so the flow that reaches your equipment is even and consistent.


Learn more about double-online conversion UPS and how the SUMMIT Series® delivers ultra-high efficiency in a small footprint.