Catastrophic Downtime


Data Center Downtime Disaster

You're the facility manager. You should know. What happened at the data center??

Its Every Facility Manager's Worst Nightmare

Data center downtime: its every facility manager's worst nightmare. It can be catastrophic for your business, your customers, and YOU.

Catastrophic Downtime: Who Will Be Held Accountable? 

The harsh reality is that downtime could be catastrophic for your business, your customers, and you.

The Cost of Downtime

When there’s a power outage, what does it really cost and who pays for it?

Protect the Lifeblood of Your Business

Like blood flowing through your arteries, utility power delivers the pulse essential to energizing your business.

Failure is Not An Option

Failure is not an option for mission critical businesses that demand clean, continuous power.

Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®

If downtime in your business equals disaster, Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability among backup power electronic suppliers.

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9900D UPS

With mass migration to cloud and colocation services, hyperscale data centers require critical back-up power solutions that are reliable, flexible, and compact.


Powered by Mitsubishi Electric's revolutionary Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors, the SUMMIT Series® delivers ultra high efficiency in a small footprint.

1100 Series UPS

Perfect for server rooms, network closets, and control rooms, Mitsubishi Electric’s 1100A & 1100B UPS deliver high performance power protection in a compact and expandable format with hot swappable power modules.

9900D UPS Product Demo

Product Demo Overview

9900D UPS

Efficiency Test

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384 554V Test

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Step Load Test

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Output Transfer Test

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Overload Transfer Test

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AC Input Failure & Recovery Test

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Unbalanced Load Test

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Fault Recovery Test

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Customer Testimonial | ViaWest

Mitsubishi Electric has been solving the challenges of North America's critical facilities since 1985. Here's just one example of how we assisted a customer in dire need.

Makers of Amazing

For more than 90 years, Mitsubishi Electric has made changes for the better through its energy efficient products and technologies. This video explores the vast range of products built by Mitsubishi Electric.

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