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Summit Video

Powered by Mitsubishi Electric's revolutionary Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors, the SUMMIT delivers ultra high efficiency in a small footprint and minimal total cost of ownership.



1100 Series

Perfect for server rooms, network closets, and control rooms, Mitsubishi Electric’s DiamondPlus® models provide high performance power protection in a compact and expandable format.


Don't Let Your Business Go Dark

If downtime in your business equals disaster, you'll want to know that Mitsubishi Electric units achieve the highest reliability among backup power electronic suppliers. 




The 9900CX is the largest 480V static UPS in the industry. The 9900CX uses 350 kVA power modules mated to intelligent bypass modules. The bypass modules are available in 1400 kVA, 1750 kVA, and 2100 kVA, and are paired with up to six power modules. Watch the accompanying video to learn more about the latest UPS from Mitsubishi Electric.



Mitsubishi Electric UPS

Based in the Pittsburgh PA region the UPS Division for Mitsubishi Electric US is a business unit of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Incorporated (MEPPI). Mitsubishi Electric has been manufacturing precision engineered highly reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies since 1964 and solving the challenges of American critical facilities since 1985. UPSD's operations include Project and Application Engineering, Design Engineering, Service, Technical Support, Manufacturing and Warehousing, Quality, as well as Sales and Marketing. Mitsubishi Electric UPSD's Operations Center houses an impressive product inventory, a fully-equipped training facility, and two test labs with 3 MW resistive and 375 kVA reactive load banks available. The test labs are constantly in use, conducting demos, factory witness tests, and various testing and training exercises.

Makers of Amazing

For more than 90 years, Mitsubishi Electric has made changes for the better through its energy efficient products and technologies. These include factory automation equipment, automotive equipment, escalators, elevators, cooling and heating products, large scale video displays for stadiums and arenas, solar panels and electric utility products.