Explore our mission critical power products, services, solutions, and technologies.


Explore our mission critical power products, services, solutions, and technologies.


Case Studies

Critical Infrastructure Sustainability

UScellular partnered with MDI Access to build a more reliable and energy-efficient data center. Their plan led to a decrease in data center energy consumption and significant cost savings.


"We would have been probably at $2M a year in utility costs. We've seen substantial savings using your products."

Supporting a Local Data Center

DataBank only had one week to complete critical battery maintenance. Despite such an urgent service being outside their current service agreement, Mitsubishi Electric acted quickly.


"Having a relationship like that with Mitsubishi...and [knowing that] they're going to react to your needs... we're appreciative of that."

Service First

In two critical situations, the client was in need of a strong, reliable service partnership, something that a Mitsubishi Electric competitor failed to provide.


"[I am a] fan of Mitsubishi and CPT because I know they have my back and give accurate [and] trusted free advice."

The First Line of Defense

As a small facility team left extremely vulnerable due to a lack of preventative maintenance, it became clear they needed a responsive service provider and a reliable UPS.


"[They] keep our sanity and have met every unrealistic schedule... In our job, we need a partner like that."

Uninterrupted Sourcing

When their electrical contractor failed to deliver, a large broadcasting company contracted SourceBlue to quickly find a reliable backup power system.


"I think [Mitsubishi] does a great job of responding in a timely manner, dealing with issues. And working with us on those has been really big."

Building BLOX for the Future

DC BLOX set a goal to build one of the most technologically advanced regional edge data centers, prioritizing efficiency, security, and reliability. To accomplish this, they selected five 500kVA SUMMIT...


"Mitsubishi Electric offers an exceptional balance of technical sophistication and value for what you get."

Why We Partnered With Mitsubishi

Keeping the mission to lower PUE in mind, Element Critical chose Mitsubishi Electric's 9900B 750kVA UPS for their expansion project at their Chicago One location and a retrofit at Silicon Valley.


"It's extremely robust and...I have a lot less people coming to my site operating and maintaining as opposed to other vendors' equipment."

Uninterruptible Simulator Performance

Dallara's driver simulator in Indianapolis is one of only three in the world, making constant uptime, smooth operation, and protection against power transients non-negotiable requirements.


Ensuring a highly reliable power source has allowed Dallara to consistently accumulation prized data.

Guaranteed Backup Power During Equipment Replacement

Three solicited UPS providers were unwilling to replace two aging 1000kVA UPS at a Grupo Salinas data center given legal implications and physical limitations.


The successful tandem replacement was executed flawlessly.

Reach for the Energy Star

Sabey Data Centers had both reliability and energy efficiency in mind when building their 38-acre data center campus in Ashurn, Virigina with ambitions to achieve the highest rating from ENERGY STAR.


"Mitsubishi UPS have been extremely reliable... and Mitsubishi stands behind their equipment. We appreciate this level of service."

UPS Systems Support Data Center Security

Our dependence on electronics as a society becomes greater every day, driving increased need for data storage and data centers. And the need for those data centers to achieve maximum uptime.


With reliability and the desire for a trusting partnership at the forefront, Lifeline Data Centers switched from a competitor to Mitsubishi Electric.

Quality Engineering

Thousands of companies whose survival depends on stable IT environments rely on ViaWest (now Flexential)'s 22 data centers and 13 network operations centers for rock-solid power delivery. 


"With Mitsubishi, we found the convergence of lowest power consumption and highest availability"

Sky High Customer Service

When a competitor UPS failed at one of ViaWest (now Flexential)'s data centers, ViaWest engineers instantly huddled with the manufacturer's rep and maintenance provider to expedite a replacement.


"The moment I decided we had to replace the machine, there was no question that we'd call Mitsubishi."

Customer Ready in 90 Days

CoreSite had an aggressive set of targets as construction began on a 102,000-square-foot colocation facility in Santa Clara, California. The new center needed to be customer ready - and fast. 


After sharing their desired specifications to UPS industry contacts, only Mitsubishi Electric proposed an answer.

PA One Call System, Inc.

As time is of the essence for a chain of events to be completed prior to all excavations, the President and CEO of PA One Call recognized the need for the call center to always be operational.


"Reliability is the most important factor...and I haven't experienced a single problem with the 1100."

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