Common UPS Repairs

When replacing lifecycle parts, being mindful and proactive can not only extend the life of your UPS system but also mitigate the risk of highly preventable and costly emergencies.

Common UPS Repairs

When replacing lifecycle parts, being mindful and proactive can not only extend the life of your UPS system but also mitigate the risk of highly preventable and costly emergencies.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Repairs

To keep your UPS functioning at its highest reliability, it’s important to know the lifecycle of your UPS parts and when they need to be inspected and replaced. While our UPS are made to last for years, it is standard practice to repair or replace parts at certain points in your system’s lifecycle until you are due for a complete UPS replacement.


Here is an introduction to what type of uninterruptible power supply repairs you should expect to make - and when - to ensure your business stays protected.

UPS Battery Replacement

As a critical component of your UPS system, batteries require proper maintenance, testing, and ideal operating conditions to perform at their highest reliability. While annual battery maintenance is the suggested minimum, quarterly/semi-annual battery maintenance can further ensure your system will back up power in the event of loss or fluctuation.


Additionally, battery monitoring can alert you to any potential issues so they can be corrected in a timely manner. Improperly maintained batteries can lead to poor performance, thermal runaway, or loss of power.


Batteries also have a finite lifespan, which varies depending on what type they are, so expect to make replacements at specific intervals regardless of how well they are maintained.


It is also important to choose the battery backup system that is best suited for your business’s needs. Learn more about our battery maintenance and replacement services, and how Mitsubishi Electric can assist with any of your battery-related needs.

UPS Fan Replacement

Fans are another common UPS repair that needs to be made. Fans prevent your UPS system from overheating so, it is vital to ensure they are in working condition.


When fans fail, the UPS system could transfer to bypass and expose your critical loads to an outage. During maintenance visits, our field service technicians check that your fans are still running smoothly.


A UPS fan replacement typically needs to occur every 5 years.

UPS Capacitor Replacement

Capacitors need to be maintained to continue their part in the power flow. An annual maintenance visit covers a visual inspection of the capacitors, which could result in a potential replacement if necessary. Technicians will look for visual damage like overheating, cracks, splits, or leaking fluid.


UPS capacitors can also short out but generally need to be replaced due to age. If they fail, this can lead to the equipment dropping the load. Generally, a UPS capacitor replacement occurs every 15 years.


Additionally, you may come to a point where you need to evaluate between continuing to replace lifecycle parts or your entire UPS system. We can assist in guiding you in your decision-making as you plan UPS updates.

UPS Maintenance & Repairs

Overall, the best way to ensure the most common UPS repairs are completed in a timely manner is to schedule routine maintenance visits. These not only ensure that your lifecycle parts are functioning properly, but also mitigate risk to your overall UPS backup power supply.


With an EverPower™ Service Contract Plan, Mitsubishi Electric can guide you in this process and help you set up an effective recurring schedule to take care of your UPS repair needs, including helping you choose the right upgrades and replacements for your business.

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