UPS Maintenance and Repairs

UPS preventative maintenance ensures your system runs smoothly and UPS repairs are mitigated, if not proactively identified. Mitsubishi Electric delivers top notch UPS system services to ensure that your business doesn't go dark.

UPS Maintenance and Repairs

UPS preventative maintenance ensures your system runs smoothly and UPS repairs are mitigated, if not proactively identified. Mitsubishi Electric delivers top notch UPS system services to ensure that your business doesn't go dark.

Enhance Reliability and Equipment Life with UPS Maintenance


The key to an efficient and reliable UPS is careful upkeep. Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-faceted UPS maintenance services keep your uninterruptible power supply running at optimal performance, while proactively identifying and neutralizing potential threats.


With our support, UPS preventative maintenance becomes predictive – we’ll help you know what updates and upgrades are coming so you can proactively plan and implement them. Our Field Service Technicians employ industry-leading training, tools, and expertise to maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair.


Contact us, and we will work with you to establish your ideal UPS maintenance plan.

Annual Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance

It’s important to schedule annual UPS system service to ensure that your UPS is running smoothly and reduce your need for UPS parts replacements. Mitsubishi Electric offers annual UPS maintenance as part of our standard contracts, and they include physical and electric inspections, as well as adjustments or recommendations for action.​

  • Visual inspection of internal components and wiring for loose connections, deterioration or damage – anything that could impact proper operation
  • Verification of proper software, control power devices, converter/rectifier operation, inverter operation, and cooling fan operation.
  • Test of static/internal maintenance bypass operation and system voltages and currents.
  • Verification of transfer operations and emergency (backup) mode operation and emergency power off (EPO test).
  • Verification that UPS is supporting the critical load.

With annual UPS preventative maintenance, we’ll provide a fast follow through with comprehensive documentation of findings, required UPS repairs, and adjustments or remedial action plans when necessary.

Quarterly / Semi-Annual UPS Maintenance

While annual service is the suggested minimum, we recommend our technicians come out and perform UPS system service at least twice a year to ensure your system is functioning properly. There may also be value in quarterly inspections, especially as your equipment ages.


Quarterly/semi-annual UPS preventative maintenance includes:

  • Physical environment inspection for any elements that could impact operation.
  • Verification of proper software versions and adjustable parameters
  • Verifications of proper cooling fan operation and display of system values
  • Review of event or fault history
  • Verification UPS is supporting the critical load and no alerts/alarms are present

As with annual UPS preventative maintenance, we’ll generate a test report and discuss any necessary UPS repair service while we’re onsite.

EverPowerTM Service Contract Plans


We make UPS maintenance easy and ensure that your business doesn't go dark. By choosing an EverPower™ Service Contract Plan, you receive a wide range of benefits and services delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Our contract plans offer exclusive advantages such as discounts on parts and priority response times during critical emergencies. EverPower™ contract customers save an estimated 42-51%! Gold, Silver, and Bronze level contracts are available.

Battery Maintenance, Replacement & Upgrades

Batteries are a vital component of any UPS and considered the last line of defense against expensive downtime. They are also highly vulnerable when not managed properly.


Mitsubishi Electric offers maintenance, monitoring and replacement services that keep your batteries fully charged and your UPS fully operational. From large-scale change outs to single string or individual battery replacements, Mitsubishi Electric is your DC power partner.

A Conversation with Service

Whether through UPS preventative maintenance, battery services, or emergency response, our field service technicians are committed to ensuring your business doesn't go dark. Our team members come from diverse and experienced backgrounds in electrical training, and many have been in critical power for years. We pride ourselves on choosing the best people to service our customers to ensure that you get the most out of your equipment.


Get to know our Field Service Technicians and what sets them apart.

Each month, we feature a new team member, providing a deeper look into each one’s experiences, background, and expertise 👇

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