Silicon Carbide (SiC) UPS Technology

Learn how SiC technology delivers superior control and efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric discovered how SiC-powered devices drastically improve efficiencies

Mitsubishi Electric began developing SiC technology in the 1990s, convinced of its potential to revolutionize power electronics and energy efficiency.  Our research allowed us to know best how to control SiC-powered devices, specifically SiC UPS, for optimal reliability and efficiency. We’ve leveraged that SiC technology in our SUMMIT Series UPS.

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SiC technology offers more power in a smaller footprint, and greater control over the flow of electricity

Silicon Carbide is the latest in high-power semiconductor devices, disrupting the power electronics industry and creating innovative opportunities through its application in UPS systems. Silicon had been a preferred semiconductor material for some time now because of the greater control it provides over the electron current. The development of Silicon Carbide as a Wide Bandgap material allowed semiconductors to be smaller, faster and more reliable.

SiC creates an energy-efficient UPS at high and low loads

Smaller, lighter and capable of running at higher temperatures with less power and heat loss than previous silicon-based semiconductors, SiC energy-efficient UPS are just as effective at providing the right amount of power when needed. Their design allows them to operate evenly and efficiently in high and low load situations so there’s no eco-mode (and subsequent switching) required.

Silicon carbide technology, coupled with three-level topology, has led to the creation of the smallest, lightest, and most efficient UPS modules in the world that provide a better response to load transients. In true online double conversion, module efficiencies of up to 99% are achievable without the use of line-interactive technology.

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SiC power devices are an innovative solution for a sustainable future. When applied to create an energy-efficient UPS, the dramatic reduction in power loss and significant increase in energy savings help support a low-carbon society while providing the same reliability and uptime as previous models.  Contact us for information on incorporating the SUMMIT SiC UPS into your facility as a Silicon Carbide-based battery backup.