9900D Three Phase UPS

Efficient, Expandable UPS Ideal for Data Centers

The 9900D is high-density, modular power, redefined. It's a large-capacity UPS with a smaller footprint than competitive models with the same outputs. Learn more about leveraging the 9900D in your standard or edge data center.

9900D Three Phase UPS

Efficient, Expandable UPS Ideal for Data Centers

The 9900D is high-density, modular power, redefined. It's a large-capacity UPS with a smaller footprint than competitive models with the same outputs. Learn more about leveraging the 9900D in your standard or edge data center.

480V / 1200, 1250, 1500, 1600, & 2000 kVA

The 9900D UPS from Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability to satisfy the relentless demands of cloud and colocation data centers.


This system is responsive, shielding from power transients with advanced control and power module redundancy. 


While it is a large UPS, it’s significantly smaller than competitive models within its output range, and its efficiency allows you to do more with a single unit than competitors.


This combined reduces gray space, cabling and installation time, and freight costs.

An ideal UPS for data centers, the 9900D UPS delivers:

  • High power density with just 2/3 the footprint of competitive units
  • High-speed sampling & switching
  • Higher operating temperatures at higher altitudes
  • Expandable UPS via modular design
  • Advanced IGBTs for increased reliability
  • New HMI for easier user interface
  • Lithium Ion, VRLA, and pure lead compatible for greater flexibility


9900D Product Video

With mass migration to cloud and colocation services, hyperscale data centers require critical back-up power solutions that are reliable, flexible, and compact. Mitsubishi Electric’s 9900D UPS easily meets this criteria, and more.

Self-Load Test Capability

The 9900D features a self-load test mode of operation, providing the ability to run burn-in tests on the UPS without needing an external load bank connected.


To accommodate different testing requirements, there are selectable test parameters, such as:

  • 20-100% Load Rating
  • 1-600 Minute Test Time
  • 0 to Unity Power Factor

Running a burn-in utilizing the self-load test realizes savings from removing the need to rent a load bank and cables, the set up and removal labor, and reducing utility power usage.

Unparalleled Reliability. Maximum Uptime.

Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability among backup power equipment suppliers. Our robust technology is designed to deliver continuous power in the most demanding environments - and it’s not just estimated. Our 9900 Series of UPS have a sustained load carrying capacity of 99.9995% of their actual operational history.


Expandable UPS. Increased Flexibility. 

The 9900D is an expandable UPS. Its modular design enables supplemental modules to be added over time as warranted by increasing capacity needs, making hyperscale expansion faster, easier and more economical. This is crucial in a UPS for data centers, as you can optimize your investment by only paying for the power you need, while retaining the option to grow your UPS capabilities as your business grows.

All the Power. Two-thirds the footprint.

The 9900D sets a new footprint standard for hyperscale UPS, generating more white space, so crucial in data centers. While it is a large UPS, it can handle the same load in as little as two-thirds of the footprint, leaving the remaining third be allocated to revenue-generating equipment.


The 2000 kVA 9900D also has up to a 40% higher power density than other UPS, maximizing power output while minimizing gray space for a more efficient UPS.


As noted above, the 9900D is an expandable UPS  – so if you reach a point where you require increased backup power, you can add modular units for greater support while still maintaining a comparatively small footprint.

Optimum Control. Superior Performance.

At the heart of the 9900D is advanced power electronics specifically selected and tested by our in-house engineering team. High speed sampling and switching deliver hyperscale performance and value -

  • Achieving the highest levels of efficiency
  • Increasing cost savings & longer product life from cooler operation
  • Possessing the flexibility to operate in higher temperatures

The IGBT power device for the 9900D UPS achieves superior function under all load conditions.

Other Features


  • Capacity can be increased overtime using original bypass module
  • 1.1:1 generator compatibility
  • 65 and 100 kAIC options
  • Multiple cable entry points
  • Lithium ReadyTM


  • UL 1778 (Underwriter Laboratories) Standard for UPS Equipment
  • CSA 22.2 (Canadian Standards Association - cUL Equipment)
  • IEC (International Electro-technical Commission), Semiconductor Converter Standards
  • EMI compatibility: IEC 62040-2 (category C3)
  • IEEE 587, ANSI C62.41 1991 Standard for Surge Withstand Ability
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance program

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Why Choose A Mitsubishi Electric UPS?

9900D UPS for data centers achieves up to 97% efficiency

A UPS for any size data center needs to be an efficient UPS. Poor performing UPS systems are often a major driver in energy loss in power distribution, reducing uptime and costing money. So, standard and edge data center owners need to find a reliable, efficient UPS that will maintain consistent power in the event of an outage. 


Its high power density and small footprint make the 9900D the perfect UPS for data centers, and Mitsubishi Electric is a proven leader in advancing efficiencies to unprecedented levels. Mitsubishi Electric's superior expertise in optimizing power device control is evident by the flatness of the resulting curve, demonstrating high efficiency across all load levels. By deploying the optional module efficiency mode of operation, owners can increase efficiency and realize additional operational savings at load levels below forty percent.


In the event the 9900D fails to comply with this guarantee in a verified performance test, Mitsubishi Electric will refund the purchaser an amount up to a maximum $10,000 per year for three years.


Please note that all efficiency curves published on this site are for the respective UPS operating in true online double conversion (aka VFI).


Compatible battery power for a 1200-2000kVA UPS

Mitsubishi Electric offers various DC power solutions with both lithium ion and VRLA battery cabinets, which you can learn more about below. With respect to lifespan and operation efficiency, new lithium ion batteries now outlast traditional VRLAs. They're also getting smaller, with the new BCL04-BB cabinets being the perfect size to support applications that require a small footprint.


For a deeper dive into all possible solutions, review our UPS Batteries & DC Solutions.


9900D UPS Specifications

The large-capacity, efficient, expandable 9900D UPS is an ideal solution to improve uptime and provide a balanced power load. Mitsubishi Electric can customize a complete and seamless backup solution to suit your needs.


Review the various UPS peripherals including maintenance bypasses, DC energy solutions, & communication options below.

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