SourceBlue LLC 

Product Demonstration | 1200kVA 9900D UPS with Samsung Lithium Ion Batteries

May 5, 2022

Two members of the SourceBlue team, Jonathan Markum and Stef Lidington, visited Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions' facilities on May 5, 2022 to witness a product demonstration of a 1200kVA/kW 9900D UPS paired with lithium ion batteries.


Our guests were escorted by Mike Ruhe, Product Manager, Engineered Solutions; Dan Minor, Project Applications Engineer II; and Faye Preuss, National Account Manager.


After a physical inspection of the equipment, our hyperscale UPS successfully passed level 3 testing, which includes:

  • Measurement of steady state characteristics and transient response
  • Inverter to bypass and bypass to inverter
  • Overload transfer
  • AC input failure and recovery


When asked about their experience, they said the following:



“I feel more confident; we definitely learned quite a bit. It was really cool to be able to prop open the doors and see the inside and be given an explanation of what all the parts and pieces were and how they worked.”



“I think Mitsubishi has exceeded the standard expectation of care of the client. From clear communication, clear agenda, really well-packaged and delivered set of tests and standards along with a really clean factory that shows very well...really confident and knowledgeable skillset the personnel have. The tests today really defined how Mitsubishi differentiates itself to others in the marketplace, and it was really clearly stated how Mitsubishi uses different components and perhaps even better components to reduce it’s footprint by increasing it’s efficiency overall as compared to the market." 


“Mitsubishi sets the tone of what should be expected. There are so many other manufacturers or representatives out there that use the opportunity like this to wine and dine a client, go through the factory for 18-22 minutes and go back out to the golf course or something like that. That’s really what we’re not about, we really value detailed knowledge, kicking open doors and pushing EPO buttons and all that stuff.” 


“We don’t buy from products, we buy from people - and you guys are amazing.”