Critical Infrastructure Sustainability | High-Efficiency UPS Supports Green Critical Infrastructure

UScellular (USC) needed to upgrade their critical infrastructure to be more reliable and sustainable, so they teamed up with MDI Access (MDI), their longstanding partner, to research and help develop the greenest and most energy-efficient plan for their data centers.


This involved a series of approvals, not only from the Critical Assessment Board but also their local utility company, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) who would potentially provide financial incentives to companies who are implementing energy efficiency in their operational practices.


They replaced their aging Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with Mitsubishi Electric’s high-efficiency UPS: The SUMMIT Series® UPSs. By installing these highly efficient UPS systems, along with a handful of other green initiatives, USC received hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates from ComEd.


Mike Popovic, USC's Data Center Manager, says "The facility was about 25% full and we were spending over $1M a year in utility costs. Right now, we’re almost 100% full and we’re spending about $500-700k a year. That’s at 100% full. So think, if we didn’t put the Mitsubishi SUMMIT UPS in place, we would have been probably at $2M a year in utility costs. We’ve seen a substantial savings using your products."


“Throughout the years, MDI has assisted us with growth with whatever available technologies there are. They also help us with existing old technologies, so they’re our one-stop-shop for [Mitsubishi’s] product, as well as other data center related components or infrastructure we have here and sites throughout the entire United States. ”


Supporting a Local Data Center | Emergency Battery Maintenance

DataBank, headquartered in Dallas, TX, has two locations in Pittsburgh - PIT1 and PIT2. While Mitsubishi Electric supplies both locations with Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), there was a need for a speedy battery maintenance service at PIT2, despite such an urgent service being outside the scope of their UPS Master Service Agreement.


"It was just an email and a phone call," says Robert Pohodich, PIT2's Critical Infrastructure Engineer. "Having a relationship like that with Mitsubishi, especially when it's a critical problem and [knowing that] they're going to react to your needs... we're appreciative of [that]."


Pohodich goes on to say that DataBank’s partnership with Mitsubishi Electric is the “most reassuring thing” and that there is “never an issue - you just know they’re going to be there.” 

Dean Dahl, Facility Manager

Service First | Prioritizing Customer Needs

Dean Dahl is the Facility Manager at a company that manufactures and delivers technological solutions to the transportation and defense industries.


One day, his facility team noticed a funny smell emitting from its batteries, and they realized the worst had happened: their batteries had gone into thermal runaway. A potentially disastrous situation was rapidly ensuing, and the client knew they had to act fast. Dahl’s experience working with a competitor’s service team was a pain - they were slow and bereaucratic in their approach. 


Strike two happened when the client installed new CRAC units and had to relocate their batteries to go with their UPS. The competition was unwilling to perform this service, leaving the client’s critical needs unmet.


In both situations, CPT - A Service Branch of Mitsubishi Electric pulled through for Dahl and his team. 


“[I am a] fan of Mitsubishi and CPT because I know they have my back and give accurate [and] trusted free advice,” says Dahl. Transparency, guidance, and cost savings are highly valued by the client, and Dahl has expressed that this aspect is essentially non-negotiable. “When I can’t get that,” he says, “I change contractors.”


Dahl goes on to say his facility experienced several utility power outages, and the UPS has worked "flawlessly."

Jim Cline, Facility Manager

The First Line of Defense | A "Bulletproof" Critical Infrastructure

Jim Cline is the retired Facility Manager of a global company specializing in creating innovative solutions in aerospace, defense, and security. Therefore, his critical infrastructure involved ensuring their customers' testing and development stays secure and meets their strict schedules.


When a competitor did not offer service contracts conducive to the client’s needs, they elected to forego a preventative maintenance agreement altogether. Though they were aware of the risks of not having regular maintenance, it took some adverse events to justify making the proper changes and getting a maintenance program in place. Enter CPT - A Service Branch of Mitsubishi Electric.


CPT assisted Cline and his team in finding a new, reliable UPS and establishing regularly scheduled maintenance visits. With pre-planned battery services, Cline says CPT has "totally changed our service world" and is now "like a family."


"[They] keep our sanity and have met every unrealistic schedule… in our job, we need a partner like that."


In reference to their Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems, Cline said they are "pretty much bulletproof" and have been "running consistently without issues."


Building BLOX for the Future | Designing a World-Class Data Center

Strategically located in underserved markets in the Southeastern US, DC BLOX set a goal to build one of the most technologically advanced regional edge data centers, prioritizing efficiency, security, and reliability. For this new facility, they wanted to advance their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) design to industry-leading levels and decrease the maintenance costs associated with VRLA batteries.


When beginning their search for a UPS supplier, Mitsubishi Electric's name popped up. Jeff Williams, Vice President Operations, said he “spoke to references and heard nothing but good things.”


After working closely with The Mission Critical Management Group (MCM Group) and members of the Mitsubishi Electric team, DC BLOX selected the SUMMIT Series® UPS, embraced the challenge of being the first lithium-ion battery installation in their AHJ, and purchased a three-year service contract.


“Mitsubishi Electric offers an exceptional balance of technical sophistication and value for what you get," says John Dumler, Vice President Data Center Design & Engineering. 


As stated by Bill Thomson, Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, becoming one of the most technologically advanced regional edge data centers requires partnering with “world-class companies like Mitsubishi.”


End of Life Product Replacement | 4 x 1050kVA 9900CX UPS

Lumen purchased four 9900CX 1050kVA UPS from Mitsubishi Electric in June of 2021 as replacements for their aging Liebert units. Lumen chose to go with Mitsubishi Electric because of our modular design and new technology. They were extremely happy with the support they received from our technicians during startup. 

When asked about his experience, Doug Hollenbaugh, Senior Manager, Real Estate Facilities Operations, said the following:


“Your start up team and product [9900CX] have been superb through the installation and warranty, service, Product Managers: the team did a really good job."


“[We’re] glad we decided to work with Mitsubishi for the next stage of UPS power system for our critical site and Data Center."


“[Mitsubishi’s] online support is easy to navigate, and their website is continually updated.”


“The new equipment is so much easier to work with and operate, and training on these systems is much more intuitive than my older models. Training on the older systems would need constant refresh training (almost quarterly). I have noticed when talking with Staff and asking about transfer or other procedures, they are more confident in walking through the steps without fear of screwing things up."


Hollenbaugh looks to “continue the good partnership and quality."


"I hope to see more of this equipment in other sites I operate soon."

SourceBlue LLC 

Uninterrupted Sourcing | The Value of a Strong Partnership

A large American broadcasting company contracted SourceBlue to quickly find a reliable backup power system to support their critical broadcasting equipment. The end user was in the market for a 100kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – and they needed it quickly. 


“We have a real good relationship with Mitsubishi. Whenever we have questions, they get responded to right away. I think you guys do a great job of responding in a timely manner, dealing with issues. And working with us on those has been really big,” says Jonathan Markum, Logistics Project Engineer at SourceBlue.


Our inside sales team and supply chain team quickly confirmed that there was a 9900B UPS in stock, as well as the necessary peripherals to meet the end user’s schedule and technical requirements. The end user purchased VRLA battery cabinet,maintenance bypass cabinet, and a bronze-level service contract for a complete backup power solution.


“We definitely enjoy working with you guys. You’ve been a good partner.” - Jonathan Markum

Product Demonstration | 1200kVA 9900D UPS with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Two members of the SourceBlue team, Jonathan Markum and Stef Lidington, visited Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions' facilities to witness a product demonstration of a 1200kVA/kW 9900D UPS paired with lithium-ion batteries.


Our guests were escorted by Mike Ruhe, Product Manager, Engineered Solutions; Dan Minor, Senior Project Manager; and Faye Preuss, National Account Manager.


After a physical inspection of the equipment, our hyperscale UPS successfully passed level 3 testing, which includes:

  • Measurement of steady state characteristics and transient response
  • Inverter to bypass and bypass to inverter
  • Overload transfer
  • AC input failure and recovery


When asked about their experience, they said the following:



“I feel more confident; we definitely learned quite a bit. It was really cool to be able to prop open the doors and see the inside and be given an explanation of what all the parts and pieces were and how they worked.”



“I think Mitsubishi has exceeded the standard expectation of care of the client. From clear communication, clear agenda, really well-packaged and delivered set of tests and standards along with a really clean factory that shows very well...really confident and knowledgeable skillset the personnel have. The tests today really defined how Mitsubishi differentiates itself to others in the marketplace, and it was really clearly stated how Mitsubishi uses different components and perhaps even better components to reduce it’s footprint by increasing it’s efficiency overall as compared to the market." 


“Mitsubishi sets the tone of what should be expected. There are so many other manufacturers or representatives out there that use the opportunity like this to wine and dine a client, go through the factory for 18-22 minutes and go back out to the golf course or something like that. That’s really what we’re not about, we really value detailed knowledge, kicking open doors and pushing EPO buttons and all that stuff.” 


“We don’t buy from products, we buy from people - and you guys are amazing.”

Element Critical

Why We Partnered with Mitsubishi | 9900B Selected for Upgrades & Expansions Alike

Critical elements to Element Critical? Uptime and lowering Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to create better customer value. With this mission in mind, they set off on two big projects: an expansion of their Chicago One location and a retrofit at Silicon Valley. They selected a Mitsubishi Electric 9900B UPS to achieve these goals.


“We’ve kicked other tires and looked at other vendors, but your unity power factor, super efficiencies, most modern (technologically advanced) IGBTs on the market, and innovation – it’s everything we want to piggy-back on and leverage. It’s a very robust box, very stout, and as we looked into the future to add capacity, we thought your product was right for us,” stated Cameron Wynne, Chief Data Center Officer at Element Critical.


He added that cost, speed to market, and efficiency were other top considerations in vendor selection. “I’ve had experience with these boxes at other colocation firms in the past and I think very highly of your product. It’s extremely robust and, quite frankly, I have a lot less people coming to my site operating and maintaining them as opposed to other vendors’ equipment.”


Mr. Wynne regards the UPS as “...the heart of the data center – the UPS does everything – it’s got all the brains, all the smarts. When it’s not working, neither are your customers. It’s critical to have a nimble, but flexible solid engineering company working with us. We’re riding your coattails on the innovation that you have in the marketplace...”

Sabey Data Centers

Reach for the ENERGY STAR® 

With total cost of ownership and the highest levels of reliability and efficiency at the forefront of their decision-making, Sabey Data Centers contacted Mitsubishi Electric as they set out to earn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR certification for their Integrate Asburn facility.


John Sasser, SVP Data Center Operations, said “Mitsubishi has a highly efficient double-conversion UPS. After cooling, the electrical distribution is typically the best opportunity for PUE improvement in a data center, so high efficiency UPS are key to our Energy Star performance.” 


“We use Mitsubishi on multiple campuses, and Mitsubishi’s reliability is important to Sabey. The Mitsubishi UPS have been extremely reliable since installation and Mitsubishi stands behind their equipment. We appreciate this level of service."


New Construction | Mitsubishi Electric UPS, Cooling, and Elevators

October 11, 2019

Mitsubishi Electric: A Data Center Partner 


Edgecore needed a reliable company that could deliver "great customer service and cost-effective solutions," said Garrison Beall, Commercial Director of Construction at Edgecore.


From the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to the HVAC to the elevators, Mitsubishi Electric's "amazing technology" was chosen for this new, highly-efficient facility.


Howard Yates, Senior Project Manager at Edgecore says Mitsubishi "fit well within our vision of our future projects." 


Why Partner with Mitsubishi Electric?

Lifeline Data Centers

More Than Just Another Data Center

Lifeline Data Centers had been using a competitor’s UPS and began noticing that it was not unusual for one of their UPSs to crash about every third time a storm passed through. Lifeline reached the breaking point with their supplier when one of their UPSs literally blew up when it went into bypass mode. Not surprising, Lifeline was anxious to make a change in their UPS supplier - one that “could stand up to a punch," according to Alex Carroll, co-owner of Lifeline Data Centers. 


The day after the catastrophic UPS failure, Carroll visited Mitsubishi Electric’s home offices in Pittsburgh, PA and the following day had a Mitsubishi replacement UPS up and running in his facility back in Indiana.


“In large part, because of a Mitsubishi partnership, Lifeline has not lost a customer - except to bankruptcy or mergers - over a 15+ year history.”


“For me, Mitsubishi is the only option out there capable of providing the high level of protection that will match the rest of the structure,” stated Carroll.

ViaWest (now Flexential)

Quality Engineering | What Constitutes a Quality Vendor?

"We'd experienced a few incidents that shook our confidence in some of our vendors," says ViaWest's Director of Engineering and Construction, Todd Gale. "We had to find something better."


This is what prompted ViaWest's operations team to set some goals: maximize ROI, boost reliability, and increase efficiency with a single Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer as standard for all new construction. 


“We did a comprehensive evaluation of everything on the market, based on published data and our operational experience. Even commissioned a third-party study comparing energy costs for the leading manufacturers. Based on price, performance, reliability, customer service, commitment, engineering support, senior management support… it became clear Mitsubishi [Electric] was the leader. And they’ve never disappointed us.”


“Here’s one example: Right after we chose Mitsubishi, we ordered a Model 9900B for one of our Colorado data centers. Our engineers had instructions to configure the system for a standard 750 kW load-bank test. With the Mitsubishi representative standing by, we gave it 25% of the rated load. Watching the displays, we could see it looked good. Now up to 50%. Still good. 75%, still good. 100%, still good. No sweat."


"We were pleased — I think there were a couple of fist bumps Then the Mitsubishi rep spoke up. ‘Hold on. Something’s not right. Look at this!’ It took us a second to get what he meant. There it was—an error in the configuration. Instead of the rated high of 750 kW, the system had been taking 1,000 kW—a 33% overload. Running cool, no hot spots. It was amazing. My impression was it could’ve run that way for 10 years. Any other system would have been on fire. Now, that’s quality engineering.”

Sky High Customer Service | 9900B 750kVA UPS Shipped Cross-Country

When a competitor Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) failed at ViaWest's data center in Dallas, TX, the manufacturer couldn't commit to a delivery date for the repair parts, leaving ViaWest to figure out how to get the UPS up and running again in a timely manner. Mitsubishi Electric sprung into action, shipping a new 9900B 750kVA UPS cross-country overnight. In less than 48 hours, their new Mitsubishi Electric 9900B UPS was delivered, unloaded, installed, tested, and put online.


"It's amazing enough that the GM of a major manufacturer would be available at all hours on his cell phone, but that he would drop everything while he was at a conference, take a machine out of inventory, and put it on a truck with no more than a verbal agreement is an extraordinary example of service," says Dave Leonard, ViaWest's SVP of Data Center Operations at the time.


"We have a lot of very good suppliers, but I can't think of any other who would have made the decision so quickly and expedited it so thoroughly. Nobody else would have been close. The moment I decided we had to replace the machine, there was no question that we'd call Mitsubishi."


Since the switch to Mitsubishi in 2001, Talbots has steadily been incorporating Mitsubishi Electric's Uninterruptible Power Supplies into Talbots' operations in various locations east of the Mississippi River as needs arise. 


At the current time, a Mitsubishi Electric UPS can be found delivering backup support at six different Talbots sites, including corporate headquarters in Hingham, MA; product development center in New York; call center in Knoxville; e-commerce data center in Tampa; and warehousing in Massachusetts. They chose Mitsubishi for their exceptional reliability.

Horizon Healthcare Services Inc. has been providing quality health insurance products and services to New Jersey families and businesses since 1932. The importance of working with a reputable dealer and equipment reliability are top priorities for Horizon.


They have been happy with the performance of the 9900A's to date, stating that they would recommend that buyers reviewing their UPS solutions explore the 9900A. 

Ascent Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the development, engineering, construction, and operation of data centers and other mission critical facilities.


A recent installation of eighteen Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems were placed in a mission critical facility located in a Chicago suburb. High marks are given to Mitsubishi for their reliability, efficiency, and service, saying "peace of mind" goes a long way. 

Data Realty Northern Indiana is a trusted provider of data center services to middle market companies, offering colocation, cloud services, and disaster recovery solutions for organizations requiring a next generation IT infrastructure. 


They are impressed by the build quality of the UPS units, stating that... "the units are thoughtfully designed; placement of components is logical and deliberate. It was apparent that the design is state-of-the-art..."

With 100,000 servers under management, Softlayer is the largest privately held Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) provider in the world with a diverse customer portfolio from web startups to global enterprises. 


SoftLayer has been incorporating Mitsubishi UPSs to protect their critical data infrastructure since 2006 and now have a total of 38 of our UPSs in five of their data centers. They would recommend Mitsubishi to any company that requires 100% uptime for critical loads.

PA One Call System, Inc. operates a call center that is part of the national 811 “Call Before You Dig” network.


As time is of the essence, PA One Call recognized the need for the call center to always be operational and established redundant functionality by setting up two independent computer rooms and phone systems with a 60 kVA 1100B UPS ensuring uptime in each room. Reliability was cited as the reason that Mitsubishi Electric units were chosen for the application.