9900CX: Powerful Three Phase UPS

A powerful, 480V UPS ideal for cloud & colocation data centers designed to deliver top load capabilities while possessing a small footprint - giving you more power and space for your operations.

9900CX: Powerful Three Phase UPS

A powerful, 480V UPS ideal for cloud & colocation data centers designed to deliver top load capabilities while possessing a small footprint - giving you more power and space for your operations.

480V / 1050 kVA (1000 kW)


Delivering reliability at unprecedented load capabilities - and in a fraction of the footprint required by competitor models - the 9900CX Uninterruptible Power Supply from Mitsubishi Electric boasts a high power density.


So, while it is a large UPS, it’s significantly smaller than competitive models within its output range, and its efficiency allows you to do more with a single unit than competitors. This powerful UPS is designed specifically for the relentless demands of cloud & colocation services.

  • Available as 1050 kVA/1000 kW model
  • IGBT technology produces extremely high (up to 97%) and flat efficiency curves
  • Elimination of mechanical wear on rotary systems
  • Lithium Ion, VRLA, VLA, and Pure Lead compatible for greater flexibility

Up to six 480V UPS can be configured in a parallel arrangement, making it an ideal backup power solution for data centers.


Unparalleled Reliability. Maximum Uptime.

Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems deliver the highest reliability among backup power equipment suppliers. Our robust technology is designed to deliver continuous power in the most demanding environments — and it’s not just estimated.


The installed base of our 9900 Series of UPS have a sustained load carrying capability of 99.9995% of their actual operational history. The ability to install redundant UPS affords even greater assurance of reliability – providing backup should a single module fail.

All the Power. Smaller Footprint.

The 9900CX creates more white space by handling the same load in 80% of the footprint of other competitor UPS systems. As a result, 20% more space can be allocated to revenue-generating equipment.


Deemed a powerful UPS, the 9900CX UPS has a power density up to 24% higher than our competition, maximizing power output while minimizing gray space for a more efficient UPS.

Optimum Control. Superior Performance.

The 9900CX UPS' 3-level IGBT topology delivers optimum control and performance, utilizing a combination of high sampling rates and Direct Digital Control (DDC). The IGBT power device for the 9900CX UPS achieves superior function under all load conditions.


Benefits to the customer include -

  • Excellent output voltage control
  • Dynamic inverter response
  • Minimal voltage distortion during full load steps without the DC source

These characteristics maximize the performance of the UPS and increase the overall reliability of components and the system. 

High Power Density. Data Centers' UPS of Choice.

The more digital the world becomes, the more data centers need to be able to process – and the more backup power support they need. That’s where a high capacity, power dense Uninterruptible Power Supply comes into play.


The 9900CX is able to generate the backup power needed to keep cloud and colocation centers connected, content and media delivery running, and government facilities backed up in emergencies.

Application Market

Data Centers



Cloud & Colocation

Content Delivery & Media



Other Features



  • UL 1778 (Underwriter Laboratories) Standard for UPS Equipment
  • CSA 22.2 (Canadian Standards Association - cUL Equipment)
  • IEC (International Electro-technical Commission), Semiconductor Converter Standards
  • EMI compatibility: IEC 62040-2 (category C3)
  • IEEE 587, ANSI C62.41 1991 Standard for Surge Withstand Ability
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance program

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Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric UPS?

9900CX offers an average of 97% efficiency

Cloud and colocation data centers need a large, but efficient UPS. Poor performing UPS systems cause energy loss and increase utility bills. Data center owners are consistently tasked with finding ways to maximize data center efficiency and reduce PUE. An efficient UPS system could help you achieve your operating cost goals.

Mitsubishi Electric is a proven leader in protecting critical infrastructure by advancing efficiencies to unprecedented levels. Our expertise in optimizing power device control, demonstrated in the relatively flat curve, showcases high efficiency across all load levels.


Please note that all efficiency curves published on this site are for the respective UPS operating in true online double conversion (aka VFI).

Compatible Batteries for a 1050kVA / 1000kW UPS

While the UPS is the most critical piece of infrastructure in a data center, the DC power backup storage system that supports the UPS is not far behind. UPS battery technology is advancing, with new lithium ion batteries outlasting traditional VRLAs with respect to lifespan and operation efficiency. They're also getting smaller, with the new BCL04-BB cabinets being the perfect size to support applications that require a small footprint.


Mitsubishi Electric offers various DC power solutions with information on both lithium ion and VRLA battery cabinets in the Peripherals section below. For a deeper dive into all possible solutions, review our UPS Batteries & DC Solutions.

9900C/CX Success Stories

Read the unique stories of our valued customers and discover why Mitsubishi Electric was chosen to protect their critical infrastructure. 


Guaranteed Backup Power During Equipment Replacement

Mitsubishi Electric's 9900C UPS was verified by meticulous planning and factory witness testing to perform admirably at the high altitude of Grupo Salinas' data center in Mexico City.

Reach for the Energy Star


Mitsubishi Electric 9900C's 97% efficiency reduced overall infrastructure energy consumption and cooling costs across all load ranges, resulting in significant operating cost savings for Sabey.

9900CX UPS Specifications

An efficient, powerful UPS, the 9900CX is an ideal solution to improve uptime and provide a balanced power load. Mitsubishi Electric can customize a complete and seamless backup solution to suit your needs.


Review the various peripherals including maintenance bypasses, DC energy solutions, & communication options below.

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