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Downtime Can Be Catastrophic for Your Business. And You.

Power outages or overheated IT equipment are dire events that can quickly become disastrous for a business. At Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions, we don't cut corners and we don't settle for close enough.

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Building BLOX for the Future

DC BLOX set a goal to become one of the most technologically advanced regional edge data centers and the first lithium ion battery installation in their Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). One of their focus areas was advancing their UPS design.

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Uninterrupted Sourcing

When their electrical contractor failed to deliver, a large American broadcasting company contracted SourceBlue to quickly find a reliable backup power system to support their critical broadcasting equipment. SourceBlue immediately reached out to Mitsubishi Electric.

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Wall-Mounted Direct Expansion (DX-P) Cooling Systems

Purpose-built cooling solutions for IT and electrical equipment in pre-fabricated modular data centers

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VRLA Upgrades to Lithium Ion

The rapid adoption of lithium ion batteries in mission critical applications has brought with it many advantages, such as extended lifespan, increased power density, and lower TCO. Discover solutions today and explore our lithium UPS.

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Services & Support

Throughout your buying journey, Mitsubishi Electric is here with a full range of services and support to ensure maximum uptime. From planning & project management to 24/7 technical support, we are readily available to assist you every step of the way.

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Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®

If downtime in your business equals disaster, Mitsubishi Electric achieves the highest reliability among backup power electronic suppliers.

Unrivaled reliability and highly efficient.

Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supply systems for maximum critical infrastructure protection

Purpose-built and highly efficient.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling Systems for IT and electrical equipment


Dependable Field and Factory Services.

Mitsubishi Electric's full range of services to support your business





Uninterruptible Power Supplies


High Density Modular Power Redefined.

1200-2000kVA UPS

  • Delivers up to 2000kW of output power to support loads for mission critical applications
  • Features high-quality IGBT technology and high-speed control to achieve up to 97% efficiency
  • Offers modular expandability and N+1 redundant configuration
  • Meets the relentless demands of today's hyperscale data centers



Ideal Backup Power for the Cloud

1050kVA UPS

  • Delivers reliable backup power at unprecedented load capabilities
  • Achieves a power density up to 24% higher than our competition, maximizing power output while minimizing gray space
  • Features our IGBT technology and intimate control to achieve up to 97% efficiency
  • Offers paralleling capabilities up to six 480V UPS



The Best-Selling UPS in the 250.1-500kVA Range

per OMDIA 2021

300-750kVA UPS

  • Sets the standards for UPS systems as a market leader in the medium kVA range - its workhorse-level dependability makes it one of the best UPS for data centers
  • Requires only a small footprint while achieving up to 97% efficiency in double conversion
  • Helps save on costs with low heat rejection and rapid maintenance via front access to pull-out trays



ENERGY STAR® Certified UPS Ideal for Medical Equipment

80-225kVA UPS

  • Achieves up to 97% efficiency and offers a footprint smaller than that of the competitive models
  • Can operate in power conditioning mode without batteries while retaining great 100% step load performance and fast transient response time
  • Reliably backs up emergency lighting systems with 80kVA and 100kVA sizes listed to UL924


SUMMIT Series®

The Most Efficient Double Conversion Large UPS

per ENERGY STAR® website

500 & 750kVA UPS

  • Leads the critical power equipment industry as the first UPS system to feature Silicon Carbide (SiC), the technology cited by IEEE as a revolution in power electronics
  • Boasts ultra high efficiency (98%), small footprint, and lower cooling requirements, minimizing total cost of ownership without compromising load and backup power protection


DiamondPlus® 1100 Series

Compact, Modular UPS Ideal for Edge Data Centers

10-80kVA UPS

  • Delivers high performance power protection in a small footprint
  • Series includes two models: 1100A (10-50kVA) and 1100B (10-80kVA; Lithium Ion compatible)
  • Includes hot swappable power modules, maximizing flexibility for expansion and rapid maintenance and repair
  • Reliably backs up emergency lighting systems with majority of kVA sizes listed to UL924



IT Cooling Systems



IT Cooling Solutions for Modular Applications

10-20kW Direct Expansion Cooling System

  • Purpose-built for efficiently cooling modular structures containing auxiliary backup power supplies and IT equipment
  • Fully assembled, packaged direct expansion cooling system that mounts to the wall of a container
  • Features traditional upflow and revolutionary downflow designs with optional economizer or "free cooling"




With more than 200 certified technicians in the field, Mitsubishi Electric offers around the clock protection, keeping your operations safe against outages, grid decay and other crucial threats to the flow of business. In addition to regularly scheduled preventive maintenance to ensure optimum performance, we offer other services, such as factory witness testing and collaborative engineering. 


With highly skilled technicians, 24x7 technical support, and premier equipment, Mitsubishi Electric keeps you and your business safe from the unexpected.



Around the clock coverage including weekends and holidays.


Protect your critical load with a healthy battery string.



Ensure your UPS system is running at optimal performance.


Upgrade or update your existing critical power infrastructure.



Mitsubishi Electric solutions are tested prior to shipment and furnished with the signed test report.


Our experts partner with you from inquiry to implementation.


Operational and first-responder training is available for on-site personnel.


Product Lifecycle Management

Superior service and support over the operating life of all our equipment and peripherals. 


Power outages or overheated IT equipment are dire events that can quickly become disastrous for your business. The longer you're down, the higher the cost.


Because failure is simply not an option when your mission is critical, at Mitsubishi Electric, we deliver reliable, purpose-built Uninterruptible Power Supplies and IT Cooling Solutions to protect your critical infrastructure across a variety of markets and applications.



Cloud Computing & Colocation

Deliver continuous uptime to your customers while significantly improving operating costs with a highly reliable and efficient backup power system from Mitsubishi Electric.


Content Delivery & Media

Unavailable or unreliable services lead to low customer satisfaction and retention. Maintain  connectivity with highly reliable UPS systems for communications and IT equipment.


Finance & Insurance

When transactions cannot be processed securely and in a timely manner, the damage to reputation and profit can be catastrophic. Protect your critical processes with Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems.



As customer demands for connection rise exponentially, failure of a communications network is simply not an option. For reliability at a small footprint, explore Mitsubishi Electric's telecom UPS options.


Energy & Utilities

Many opportunities for power failure exist in the complex infrastructure that lies between a power plant and a simple wall socket. Minimize risk and maximize uptime with a Mitsubishi Electric UPS.


Hospital & Healthcare

Trust Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems to deliver clean, consistent power for vital medical equipment. Whether you need reliable backup power or a power conditioner, we are here to help!


Retail & Hospitality

IT infrastructure is essential to retail performance, both online and in-store. Securely, accurately, and continuously conduct your store’s daily transactions with backup power from Mitsubishi Electric.



Safety for citizens, law enforcement, emergency responders and military is top priority. Our UPS systems from ensure communications and data centers are functioning through disruptions in utility power. 



University UPS installation support data centers, labs, medical equipment, as well as other campus essentials, in the event of a utility power outage. Choose a reliable backup power system.


Manufacturing & Industrial

Protect your equipment, production line and timeline with Mitsubishi Electric's UPS systems that deliver reliable backup power or power conditioning capabilities.


Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®