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UPS Field Service Technician Profiles

Our team members come from diverse and experienced backgrounds in electrical training, and many have been in critical power for years. Each month, we feature a new team member, providing a deeper look into each one’s experiences, background, and expertise.

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Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®

If downtime in your business equals disaster, Mitsubishi Electric achieves the highest reliability among backup power electronic suppliers.

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AI's Influence on UPS Battery Technology

Sizing a UPS battery to accommodate the new AI load demands will become increasingly more challenging. Let's discuss the industry's path ahead.

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Introducing the 40kW Wall-Mounted Direct Expansion (DX-P) Cooling System

Increased Cooling Capacity for Large Modular Electrical Rooms

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AI’s Impact on Data Centers and the Increasing Demand for a Reliable UPS

Data centers that historically ran IT workloads consistently requiring 60-80% of designed power capacity with peak usage occurring during weekday business hours may now experience immediate power demands for full capacity at any time throughout the day.

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The First Line of Defense

When a small facility management team was left extremely vulnerable due to a lack of preventative maintenance, it became clear that the client needed a responsive service provider and a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply to achieve maximum uptime.

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Downtime Can Be Catastrophic for Your Business. And You.

Power outages or overheated IT equipment are dire events that can quickly become disastrous for a business. At Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions, we don't cut corners and we don't settle for close enough.

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Supporting a Local Data Center

DataBank only had one week to complete critical battery maintenance. Despite such an urgent service being outside their current service agreement, Mitsubishi Electric acted quickly.

Choose Mitsubishi Electric for Critical Infrastructure Protection


Mitsubishi Electric is the premier choice for critical power solutions.


Power outages and overheated IT equipment are serious events that can quickly become disastrous for your business. Both disrupt operations and damage reputations. Failure is simply not an option when your mission is critical - and nobody understands that better than we do. 


Since 1964, Mitsubishi Electric has supported a wide variety of mission critical operations with turnkey solutions that exceed expectations. We know the risks and the relentless demands on your business, which is why we don’t cut corners, and we don’t settle for close enough.


We deliver the ultimate critical infrastructure protection through reliable, purpose-built Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and IT Cooling solutions backed by a team of knowledgeable engineers and responsive service personnel.


Our Solutions

Complete, Seamless Backup Power Solutions


Our rich history is at the forefront of technological advances in the design and development of UPS systems, which fuels the trust in Mitsubishi Electric as the premium supplier of critical backup power. The single phase UPS and three phase UPS systems in our lineup ensure maximum uptime for your business.


Flawlessly complementing the unrivaled reliability of our uninterruptible power supplies is a wide variety of peripheral equipment and batteries so you can build a complete, seamless, and highly reliable backup power solution. Don’t Let Your Business Go Dark®

Highly Efficient & Purpose-Built Cooling Solutions


Discover the reliable balance of cooling power and efficiency with IT Cooling solutions purpose-built for traditional and edge data center applications. The revolutionary design of our cooling solutions is a result of the 50+ years of Mitsubishi Electric’s experience in cooling technology, as well as our dedication to delivering customized solutions that address our clients' more pressing challenges. Optimize your data center cooling today.

Our Customers

Businesses throughout North America rely on Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions to ensure their business doesn't go dark. With the cost of downtime exponentially rising, it is essential to deploy reliable backup power and efficient cooling solutions to support your operations. Our customers span a plethora of markets, including cloud and colocation, finance, government, and healthcare - to name a few. They all come to Mitsubishi Electric seeking the maximum levels of critical infrastructure protection, and we're able to support them with clean, consistent power and highly efficient cooling solutions for a variety of applications.


Dive into our customers' stories and explore how our critical power solutions maximize our clients' uptime and efficiency. 

Service First

Prioritizing Customer Needs

The First Line of Defense

A "Bulletproof" Critical Infrastructure

Uninterrupted Sourcing

The Value of a Strong Partnership

Our Insights

Explore Mitsubishi Electric's evolving insights on new technologies, market conditions, and industry trends that impact critical power solutions and your critical infrastructure.

AI's Impact on Data Centers and the Increasing Demand for a Reliable UPS

The demand for power is increasing. Properly evaluate your UPS to handle step loads.

Introducing the 40kW DX-P IT Cooling System

Increased Cooling Density for Large Modular Electrical Rooms

What Size UPS Do I Need?

The Basics of Sizing a UPS

Correctly sizing a UPS is critical. Here is your basic How to Size a UPS guide.

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Don't Let Your Business Go Dark®