Introducing the 40kW DX-P IT Cooling System

Increased Cooling Density for Large Modular Electrical Rooms




by Andrea De Zuani, Senior Manager IT Cooling

Have you ever heard the expression: "The bigger, the better" ?


We have shown some truth to that statement with the higher power density of our 2MW 9900D UPS. Now, we're doing it again with the expansion of our DX cooling systems. 

Today, we are introducing a new addition to our high efficiency wall-mounted DX-P product portfolio: the 40kW. 


Front side of unit, no free cooling


Back side (room side) of unit with electric heaters

To meet the demand of the fast-growing modular deployments of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) containers, we will be using an inverter compressor and downflow air delivery, as this will be best suited for applications that have electrical equipment with forced air ventilation.


The inverter compressor ensures that the units are able to modulate the Cooling Capacity from 37% to 100%, delivering the highest efficiency possible and fitting the needs of any application.


With the growing need to put as much electrical equipment in a modular building as possible, wall space is key. The more wall space available to put UPS, batteries, switchgear, etc., the better.


Compared to our 10kW and 20kW DX cooling systems, the 40kW's Sensible Cooling Capacity (SCC) per linear foot has increased by about 40%.


This gives our customers more options and flexibility on design space: you can choose a more granular cooling capacity with our 10kW and 20kW models or a bigger cooling capacity with our 40kW for limited space and a simplified design. 


If your data center redundancy strategy allows you to forego cooling redundancy* for your modular electrical room, you can put a 40kW cooling system on the short wall of your building and have a uniform and optimal cooling performance. 



Mitsubishi Electric DX cooling systems for optimum modular data center cooling.



*While Mitsubishi offers reliable, high-quality products, it is recommended to have redundancy in your cooling strategiesPlease consult with your designers about the best configuration for your needs. 


Further explore the technical details of the new 40kW system

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