Importance of First Responder Training



by Chris Rishack, UPS Technical Trainer

What is the cost of downtime?


Uptime Institute stated that, in 2022, 25% of reported outages cost over $1 million. That's a 66.67% increase year-over-year! 🤯


Although Mitsubishi Electric's Uninterruptible Power Supplies are extremely reliable, you must still consider the cost of downtime.


A timely and dependable solution to minimize any cost of downtime is selecting and training First Responders.

Source: Uptime Institute

Source: Uptime Institute

First Responders can be the smart hands working with Mitsubishi Electric Technical Support, making the difference between getting a system back online or dispatching a technician (delaying resolution, increasing your outage duration, and therefore, increasing your cost of downtime). 


Trained First Responders are the first on the scene to assess the system's performance and trends. Knowing how a system operates under various conditions enables them to recognize changes and acknowledge the need for proactive service. 


Mitsubishi Electric offers First Responder Training, which teaches technician, maintenance, and building management teams beyond the basics of the UPS system operations. This training covers:

  • Operational Theory
  • Review of components and function within the UPS
  • Modes of operation under normal and outage conditions (inverter operation, battery operation, overload, Emergency Power Off activation, and internal fault condition)
  • Menu navigation
  • Hands-on sessions (when possible) using site equipment

Additionally, companies can save time and expense with on-site training of their personnel in small or large groups. Technicians or other site personnel that have undergone this training are equipped with the knowledge to:

  • React to a problem safely, confidently, and effectively
  • Gather statistics and data on the UPS system, including alarm & fault codes and event & battery log information
  • Serve as the liaison between the customer and Mitsubishi Electric Technical Support

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