Should You Repair, Replace or Upgrade Your UPS?



by Michael Ruhe, Product Manager


Did you know a UPS typically has a 15-year design life?


When a UPS is nearing end of life, there are many factors to take into consideration when determining whether to continue maintaining your current legacy system or replace it with a more current model.

Should you repair, replace or update your UPS?

Below are just a few examples of these factors:


Parts Availability

As technologies mature and components become obsolete, it can become challenging and perhaps not even feasible to obtain replacement parts, services, and support for legacy products.


This can create a situation where the cost of maintaining the UPS and the risks to your critical load far outweigh the cost of replacing it. Wondering where your Mitsubishi Electric UPS is in its product lifecycle and support? Check it out here.

Performance Requirements

Legacy UPS designs typically have an operating efficiency in the high 80% to low 90% range, whereas a modern UPS series can operate at up to 98% efficient.


The increased efficiency enables you to reduce your operating expenses with savings in both electrical costs and reduced cooling capacity needs.

Changing Load Requirements

Forecasts for expected capacity of future critical loads over time should also be considered; how your critical load is anticipated to change will likely influence your decision. If your load is expected to increase, the capacity of your current UPS might not be able to meet those needs.


With a decreasing load, you can realize savings by opting for a more efficient UPS with a lower capacity and most likely free up some real estate for other needed equipment.


Regardless of whether you chose to repair, replace, or upgrade your UPS, the fundamental building block to reliable operation is selecting the right maintenance plan. Additionally, ensuring that your critical load is protected does not just stop at the UPS. The state of health of the backup battery system is crucial in making sure that your UPS is operating at peak performance.


Employing state-of-the-art battery testing equipment combined with consistent, careful analysis of the data collected will help immensely in maximizing the performance of your battery system.


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