Preventive Maintenance: The only way for truly uninterrupted operation



by Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions' Field Service Team

A reactive mindset is an artifact in an industry where failure is not an option. Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions’ maintenance plans identify root symptoms of potential problems before they become root causes of actual problems.


Preventive maintenance visits include checks, such as:



Prolonged dust buildup on the internals of equipment, from circuit boards to contactors, can lead to increased insulation and even premature failure. The first preventive maintenance visit after startup is critical.


On construction sites, for example, there are many contaminants floating around, such as gypsum dust, a highly conductive material which can become corrosive if there is moisture in the air.


Even a small layer of dust can increase hotspot temperatures on sensitive circuit boards, leading to damage and decreasing the efficiency of equipment.


Control Power

Our Uninterruptible Power Supplies have multiple levels of control power redundancy, supporting our 99.9995% equipment reliability.


Proven through our preventive maintenance, any issues with control power can be caught quickly, allowing our technicians to promptly and proactively repair or replace components to ensure maximum uptime.


General Function

Our technicians work with these systems daily and possess OEM knowledge and expertise to quickly and accurately pick up on any abnormal functions.


For example, even though Mitsubishi Electric uses industrial grade fans and contactors with long life spans, noises that may seem normal or attributed to proper equipment timing or expected equipment response could really be a slight knocking or rocking only detectable by an experienced Mitsubishi Electric technician. 

Companies should establish regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits to avoid any corrective maintenance. The reactive nature of corrective maintenance leads to costly downtime that will hurt profits in the long run. Ensure maximum uptime with the unrivaled duo of industry-leading equipment reliability and customer-centric and responsive service and support. 


EverPowerTM Service Contract Plans


We make UPS maintenance easy and ensure that your business doesn't go dark. By choosing an EverPower™ Service Contract Plan, you receive a wide range of benefits and services delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable technicians.


Our contract plans offer exclusive advantages such as discounts on parts and priority response times during critical emergencies. EverPower™ contract customers save an estimated 42-51%! Gold, Silver, and Bronze level contracts are available.

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