Its every facility manager's worst nightmare.

Its every facility manager's worst nightmare.



Power outages or overheated IT equipment are dire events that can quickly become disastrous for a business. Both disrupt operations and damage reputations.


The cost of downtime is exponentially rising. 

While outages are becoming less frequent, the cost is quickly rising to catastrophic levels.



Uptime Insitute reported that 25% of outages in 2022 cost over $1,000,000, significantly up from 15% in 2021.


The majority of outages costing less than $100,000 is a thing of the past. Where this used to chatacertize the majority (60%) of outages in 2019, it only describes 29% of the outages experienced in 2022. 

So, the question becomes: what does downtime cost you?


If there is any disruption to your critical operations, what are the consequences?


What would a power outage cost your business in damages and lost sales?


What does operating at anything less than maximum uptime mean for your reputation?


Who will be held accountable?

The Ultimate Critical Infrastructure Protection is here.

Because failure is simply not an option when your mission is critical, at Mitsubishi Electric, we don't cut corners and we don't settle for close enough.

Maximimum uptime starts with reliable equipment.


Uptime Institute discovered that UPS failure is responsible for 40% of major outages in 2022. 

Designed to deliver continuous power in the most demanding environments, Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) have a sustained load carrying capacity of 99.9995% of their actual operational history: a proven, industry-leading equipment reliability figure.


While other backup power equipment suppliers estimate (or fail to disclose) their reliability number, at Mitsubishi Electric, we measure and publish our reliability figure. And here's how we calculate it:



R = Mitsubishi Electric’s measure of reliability

e = Number of reported customer load loss events due to a Mitsubishi Electric UPS failure

d = Assumed maximum duration of load loss events

u = Number of Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies shipped

tn = Assumed total available operational hours of UPS n since shipment

“ It’s extremely robust and, quite frankly, I have a lot less people coming to my site operating and maintaining them as opposed to other vendors’ equipment. ”

- Cameron Wynne, Chief Data Center Officer at Element Critical

“ Mitsubishi Electric offers an exceptional balance of technical sophistication and value for what you get. ”

- John Dumler, Vice President, Data Center Design & Engineering at DC BLOX

But, we know a full, reliable backup power solution requires more than just a UPS. So, we complement our superior line of UPS by building and sourcing a variety of batteries and peripheral equipment to meet your critical power equipment needs.


Firmly vendor agnostic, we are able to purchase in sufficient quantity from various vendors to influence their on-hand inventory to our - and therefore your - advantage. We are also able to arrange drop-shipments from vendors to reduce shipping costs and delivery time. This increased accessibility assists you in getting the peripherals you need in a more efficient manner.


As you know very well, reliable equipment is just the first step.

Maximimum uptime requires consistent preventative maintenance.




“ We have a real good relationship with Mitsubishi. Whenever we have questions, they get responded to right away. I think you guys do a great job of responding in a timely manner, dealing with issues. And working with us on those has been really big. ”

- Jonathan Markum, Logistics Project Engineer at SourceBlue

“ Your start up team and product have been superb through the installation, warranty, service, Product Mangers: the team did a really good job. ”

- Doug Hollenbaugh, Sr. Manager, Real Estate Facilities Operations at Lumen

We back our industry-leading technology with a variety of responsive services and support, ensuring your business doesn't go dark.



and IT Cooling Solutions that maximize uptime and efficiency.


Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability among backup power equipment suppliers. 

Because failure is simply not an option when your mission is critical, at Mitsubishi Electric, we don't cut corners and we don't settle for close enough.

We deliver purpose-built Uninterruptible Power Supplies and IT Cooling solutions.

It's what we do.

We're made for this.