Mitsubishi UPS Secures Top Energy Star Ranking

About Energy Star

Energy Star is a government backed labeling program created by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 established to identify and promote energy efficient products. 

It is a voluntary program and provides credible and unbiased information based on certifications by accredited independent testing organizations. Not only do Energy Star certified products reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they also save businesses significant money on their energy bills.


Why Mitsubishi Electric?

The Mitsubishi Electric name has stood the test of time and is widely regarded as a premier brand. The power electronics market has consistently looked to Mitsubishi Electric to lead the way in advancing UPS technology and increasing efficiencies to unprecedented levels.  Mitsubishi Electric pioneered the transformerless UPS, which led to increased efficiencies and reduced cooling requirements. Although competitors may incorporate older generation Mitsubishi Electric IGBTs in their UPSs, only Mitsubishi Electric utilizes its current IGBT designs and knows best how to control these devices to squeeze out every ounce of efficiency possible.  

The Game Changer

The latest advancement introduced by Mitsubishi Electric is the use of Silicon Carbide (SiC) transistors which achieves operational efficiencies up to 99%. The use of SiC as the semiconductor material enables power switching devices to operate at much higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures than conventional semiconductor materials. All of these desirable characteristics lead to higher efficiencies. Mitsubishi Electric's SUMMIT Series® UPS is the first to incorporate SiC into its power devices and proudly sits at the top of all double conversion UPSs on the Energy Star website.

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