Pre-Startup Checklist

A Helpful Resource for An Efficient & Effective Startup

AUGUST 22, 2022


by Landon Ellington, Technical Support Engineer II

A pre-startup checklist is a resource for those who install and prepare equipment for startup use to ensure that all items required for an efficient startup experience have been completed.


What is included in Mitsubishi Electric’s pre-startup checklist?


The pre-startup checklist allows our customers to ensure the equipment (including peripherals) and the surrounding environment are appropriately prepared for the arrival of our technicians to ensure there are no delays. The following are the various check points included in the pre-startup checklist:



  • All equipment is present in their final installation locations.
  • All equipment remains contamination free (inclusive of top fans remaining covered).
  • The surrounding environment is to be clean with free and clear access to all equipment.
  • Power cables must be connected correctly (AC and DC).
  • Control wire connections for MBS/MMS/CLC must be installed.
  • All auxiliary contacts must be wired.
  • All construction work must be completed with the appropriate heating and cooling systems in place.
  • All supplied voltages must match the rating(s) on the equipment.
  • Supply power must be available at time of startup.
  • Customer must confirm that they adhered to the instructions in the drawings that were provided. If there are questions regarding these documents, our customers are encouraged to reach out to the Project Application Engineer that consolidated the drawings or our technical support hotline for clarification.
  • Customers must also confirm that they will be able to attend the complimentary basic equipment training supplied by Mitsubishi Electric after startup of the equipment is complete.



  • Cabinets must be in their final location with space around the frame for our technicians to complete work.
  • Battery cabinets must be anchored to the floor with all packaging removed.
  • Conduits and cabling, as well as top hat and associated bus work must be installed.
  • Adequate lighting must be available around the battery cabinet frame(s).
  • Temperature and humidity control is specifically important for lithium ion battery installations and must be in place and stabilized before our technicians can effectively complete the startup.

Additionally, any external damage to the battery or cabinet frame should be noted prior to your installation date.




Mitsubishi Electric’s equipment has various communication options that require setup and verification of functionality at the time of startup.

  • All control wiring for connecting a remote status alarm panel (RSAP) must be installed.
  • IP address must be assigned for the network communication card setup, along with other associated networking information, as explained in the pre-startup checklist.
  • Customer to note any specific communication protocols that they would like to have configured at startup (e.g. MODBUS, SNMP, etc.).

Networking issues can be time consuming to troubleshoot, which is why we encourage our customers to preemptively prepare their network and share some details to facilitate the most efficient setup and startup of communication cards.


Site Requirements

The pre-startup checklist provides a venue for the customer to identify any site requirements that have not already been shared. This could include specific PPE, security requirements, etc.


This allows our technicians to be fully prepared to gain access to the customer site on the scheduled startup date.


We require that this checklist be returned and completed no less than two days prior to the scheduled startup. Otherwise, the startup will be rescheduled to allow for the most effective use of our resources and our customers’ time. This checklist also prevents our customers from incurring additional charges caused by incomplete installation of the equipment. Our goal is to provide effective and efficient startup services to our customers, while increasing the quality and quantity of our startup services.


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