Supporting Critical Healthcare Functions with Reliable UPS Systems



by Dave Feldmann, Product Manager Standard Solutions

Hospitals, medical laboratories, emergency care facilities – these are all critical operations in the healthcare industry where back-up power is non-negotiable.


Take, for example, something that may seem as simple as properly maintaining and storing medications. For medicines to be effective, they need to be properly stored in a suitable environment and at the appropriate temperature. Any power quality event could impact this environment, putting every medicine in the stock at risk.


For power-intensive equipment like MRI machines, CT scans, and even X-ray machines, variations in power quality will damage the machine, potentially voiding the warranty or requiring a full replacement.


Lighting systems in medical facilities are another critical application. Emergency lighting is vital for the safe relocation or evacuation of patients, staff, and visitors, while also supporting first responder navigation throughout the facility. Standby lighting is necessary because it allows staff to continue those critical, time-sensitive tasks that must go on even as other spaces are evacuated. This is critical when successful patient care may not be able to wait until the generator kicks on.

Through these various applications, the healthcare industry demands a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This is where the unmatched reliability rating of the 9900AEGIS (99.9995%) and the 1100 Series (99.9999%) come into play.


These systems must be incredibly reliable while also not taking up too much medical footprint.

Mitsubishi Electric’s 1100 Series UPS delivers backup power in a small footprint whether its 10kVA or 80kVA. A modular design structure gives planners flexibility – as power demands increase, another module can be added to provide coverage and support, all while providing the same compact footprint.


This series of UPS by Mitsubishi Electric are UL924-certified to support your emergency and standby lighting systems. The 1100A and 1100B are also often chosen to deliver backup power to healthcare server rooms, serving a more traditional enterprise data center role.

More power-intensive imaging devices (MRIs, CAT scan machines, and X-ray devices) require constant and reliable energy, free from fluctuations or distortions. An interruption in power quality may cause a shutdown, internal damage, and void the warranty for the expensive equipment. This not only presents an unexpected and avoidable cost, but it also directly impacts the patients and their potentially critical need for such imaging results.

In these circumstances, its best to use Mitsubishi Electric’s 9900AEGIS UPS. The 9900AEGIS is a true online double conversion UPS, taking utility AC input, converting it to DC, then back to AC. The purpose of the conversions is to ensure that any number of power quality issues are corrected prior to the output, and the medical devices the UPS protects.


These could range from overvoltage conditions, frequency variations, or harmonic distortions, all damaging to sensitive equipment like MRI machines. Like the 1100 Series UPS, the 9900AEGIS is also UL924 certified to meet all requirements in supporting proper exit signs, hallway illuminations, and standby lighting.

There are a variety of applications in the healthcare industry that demand reliable backup power and/or power conditioning. Whether supporting your back-up lighting system or improving power quality to your sensitive imaging equipment, Mitsubishi Electric’s 1100 Series or 9900AEGIS deliver the reliability you need in a small footprint.

Edited by Nicole Kristof, Digital Marketing Specialist

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