Weather Shifts & Increasing Cost of Downtime: Are you Prepared?

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022


by Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions' Product Management & Marketing Team

ICYMI: The hot topic of July’s record temperatures in the United Kingdom causing both Google Cloud’s and Oracle’s data centers to experience outages, resulting in limited services to a full blackout. 


Author Chris Stokel-Walker recently published an article in WIRED summarizing this situation, as well as the weather shift that can have devastating impacts on our mission critical industry: "this weather shift will have an impact on all human-made infrastructure - including the data centers that keep our planet's collective knowledge online.


As stated in the article, research by the Uptime Institute discovered that 45% of data centers in the United States have experienced an extreme weather event that threatened their ability to operate. 


Whether it’s your 100kW edge data center or your hyperscale 40MW campus, the impact this weather shift could have on your critical equipment and operations is catastrophic. 


“ Over 60% of failures result in at least $100,000 in total losses - a 39% increase from 2019. Additionally, outages costing upwards of $1 million increased from 11% in 2019 to 15% in 2021. ”

- Uptime Institute 2021 Annual Outage Analysis


Taking the necessary measures to protect your business, your customers, and yourself from the cost of downtime has never been as critical as it is today.  


So - with the shift in weather and increasing cost of downtime - are you prepared? 


Cooling Your Equipment 

The ambient outdoor temperature changes the performance of your cooling equipment. And, as the ambient temperature increases to concerning levels, the cooling capacity of your air conditioner decreases.


Often, wall-mounted cooling products are nominally rated for an outdoor ambient temperature of 95 degrees. With the increasing temperature of our planet, properly sizing your cooling system(s) for a higher ambient temperature is critical.


At Mitsubishi Electric, we use a sizing selection software to dial in the cooling capacity performance of our units at specific ambient temperatures so you can specify the correct quantity of cooling units required for your application.


Explore the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) operating temperature guidelines for data processing equipment.  

Powering Your Equipment

As the world becomes more and more digitized, cloud computing and data management requirements are exponentially increasing across all industries. The more data and processes that exist for your business, the greater the risk to operate without backup power protection. 


It is vital to deploy a reliable backup power system to maximize uptime during a loss of utility power. Often, players in the uninterruptible power supply market only estimate their reliability. At Mitsubishi Electric, our equipment’s reliability is measured as the percentage of time our uninterruptible power supplies have sustained their load carrying capacity: 99.9995%


From the uninterruptible power supply and batteries to the technical expertise and support, Mitsubishi Electric is readily available to ensure your business doesn’t go dark. 

Edited by Nicole Kristof, Digital Marketing Specialist

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